Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 10 – Snow Day

#saa100babychallengemelody woken up by deja having a nightmare.pngThe next morning, Melody was woken up bright and early by Elise, who had been woken up by a nightmare. The sun wasn’t even up yet! But Melody might as well get up and make breakfast.flipping pancakes for breakfast.png Here she is making breakfast. Look at her flipping those pancakes! Today is Winter Day 2 and they are going to head out to the Windenburg Tree Lighting Event which is being held in a park just down the road from where they live. They are also going to purchase their Christmas tree.the call to dinner stampeded.png Melody calls everyone to breakfast, and the stampede begins. I did have a chance to change Deja and Elise’s hairstyles because Ana, Deja, and Elise all had the same one. Deja is in the green and Elise is in the orange. So they all have different hairstyles now. I also made an extra cold weather outfit for them, as this was the one they had by default.

After breakfast, Melody gets everyone ready to head outside. But first, she checks on Felicity and Fiona and gets them ready to head to daycare. I know, just born, and she already sends them off to daycare!snow angel fun.png Melody heads outside with the toddlers and they play in the snow. Melody decides to make a snow angel.playing in the snow.png I then have Melody finish the snowpal she started yesterday. Ana wants to help.snowpals.png In fact, she makes two. They turned out great!melody on the snowy road.png Melody waiting for everyone on the snowy road.everyone was ready to go.png And they head off down the road to the Christmas park.just down the toad.png Melody can see it as they get closer.beautiful day beautiful park And soon they are there! The park has been decorated for the holidays and there is a huge tree at the center of the park. At the back of the park is a Christmas tree lot and Melody wants to head there first.super duper diaper bag.png But before she can, she has to change Ana’s stinky diaper. Luckily she brought her super duper diaper bag with ws the higgest tree he ever saw.png Cameron had already run to the back of the lot and looked up and sees the biggest tree he has ever seen.cameron had found the perfect tree.png Cameron actually runs around the entire lot. I was exhausted just watching him! He now has movement level 4, so he is pretty fast. He then settles beside this tree. I think the Coffey family has found their Christmas tree! (I actually just purchased one from buy mode for their house, but when Cameron stopped beside this one, it looked like he was picking it out.)park was lit up.png

PLAYING GAMES.pngBrittani and Elise are playing Simshape on the Wabbit Tablet. Lucas Munch is playing beside them.DEJA GOING TO THE BATHROOM ALL BY HERSELF.png And, surprise, Deja autonomously went potty all by herself!THERE WAS A WONDERFUL CUPCAKE MACHINE.png Melody makes some cupcakes at the cupcake machine.CUPCAKES FOR EVERYONE.png And heads into the little kitchen hut. Now, this is a kitchen!melody love this kitchen.png One day Melody will have a kitchen like this, too. She calls everyone in to have a cupcake, but they all seem too busy playing in the park.bjorn watcing them play.png Melody sees they are being well taken care of. One of her Baby Daddy Club members is keeping watch over them. Ana is playing with blocks while Elise is playing dolls in the castle dollhouse.JACQUES DIDNT LOOK DRESSED FOR THE WEATHER Melody makes herself a cup of coffee and Jacques Villareal comes in and helps himself to a cupcake. He doesn’t look like he’s dressed for the weather. Melody hopes he doesn’t freeze out there.tree lighting event.png Soon, it’s time for the tree lighting. It was spectacular! What a beautiful sight!group shot.png One more group shot before they head home. Well, trying to take a group shot. It’s not easy getting these toddlers to pose.TIME TO GO HOME And the tired bunch trudge back home.AND IN THEY ALL CAME.png They all come in at once and Melody gets everyone ready for bed.deja running to the bathroom.png But first, they need a potty run. Here is Deja wobbling her way to the potty.THE KIDS WERE TUCKERED OUT.png Come on Elise, you can make it. EVERYONE GETTING TUCKED IN.png Melody tucks everyone into bed. Then goes over to help Ana go potty.FINALLY ANA IS POTTY TRAINED.png And yes! Ana achieved Level 3 in potty training. No more diapers for her!felicity and fiona asleep.png Melody peeked in on the twins and Fiona was sound asleep. Melody lifted Felicity from the crib and cuddled her until she fell asleep again.AND THERE SAT THE TREE READY TO BE DECORATED With all the children tucked in for the night, Melody has a chance to put the tree up.MELODY STAYING UP TO DECORATE THE TREE.png She wanted to surprise everyone and stays up until 1:43 am to finish decorating the house for the party tomorrow.143 AM FINALLY SITTING DOWN TO EAT CUPCAKE.png And finally, with everything done, Melody has a chance to sit down and enjoy one of the cupcakes she made at the park. Yummm! Only sweet dreams tonight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

town tree liighting event pic.png

Thanks to Gypsybarko for this lovely lot. I added the cupcake machine and some toddler items, but otherwise, everything was the same as the build.

Tips & Tricks:

~ A word about the Get Together Clubs ~

Well, I had this great idea to have a Club with all the Baby Daddy’s in it to help look after the toddlers. But, according to the rules, that is a no-no:

  • There are no restrictions on who can father children in this challenge but none of the donors can move into the household or provide any aid to your household whatsoever apart from impregnating your matriarch once.
  • Your matriarch may join and create clubs as long as the club rules don’t violate any other challenge rules.

The word here is “any aid”. I took that to mean financial aid, but, it could also mean aid in helping to care for the kids. So, I still have my Baby Daddy Club but have filled it with non-Donor Dads, plus Ana’s Grandma, Mila Munch. Once someone in that club becomes a Donor Dad and their baby is born, they are then ousted from the club and replaced with a new member.

Now, if a Donor Dad comes over or asks to come over or sends their child a gift or autonomously helps a child, then that is fine. I also feel you can invite a Donor Dad over for things like birthdays and holidays.

Right now the club activities are Clean, Dance, Watch TV, Be Friendly, and Cook. Since you are allowed to hire a maid, I figure that clean would be fine. Even though you can’t hire a caterer except for parties, you can hire a butler (from Vintage Glamor pack) who just can’t look after the kids, but they can cook. So I figure this is the same thing as what the club would do. Plus, unlike the butler, who you can ask to prepare a meal, I can’t really control those club members to cook if one of the toddlers was hungry. If a club member does anything to interact or help a child, then it is an autonomous action.

I also have another club called the Family Club, which will be just for Melody and the children. Unfortunately, toddlers can’t belong to any clubs, so she has to wait until they reach the child life stage to have any members.

10 thoughts on “Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 10 – Snow Day

  1. Looks like everyone had a great day! The toddlers are so adorable, and I like the new hairstyles you gave them, easier to tell them apart now. 🙂 That event looks fantastic and I love the lot, what a great idea. Melody looked so cute in her Wintery Christmas attire too. Great chapter and thanks for the tips & tricks you always put at the end of the chapter. If I ever do a 100 Baby Challenge, those things are good to know. Looking forward to the next chapter. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much for reading and commenting. You should join us in doing the group challenge. Lots of fun when you have support to keep going. I love the toddlers, too, they are all so cute and have so many cute expressions.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting. This was her only free day for awhile and I thought it would be fun to go to a community lot where they might have some more toddler items *wink since Melody can’t afford some items lol Yes, miraculously, other than Ana’s stinky diaper, they were really good on that day.


    • Yes, I just plopped down a lot so they could “pretend” to go to a tree lighting ceremony and get their tree. They had a free day, and she couldn’t afford the Wabbit Tablet, so I thought about putting down a lot and adding a few items. In the next winter section, when some are aged up, I will have then go to a community lot to go skating. I just thought it would be fun. I haven’t seen any skating rinks spawn near my lot, so will probabaly have to download a community lot for them to go to.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Ooh, I can’t wait to see them when they grow up into child too, that’s when you can really start to see who they’re going to look like! Toddlers are so cute and also so hard to handle, great job in not freaking out lol 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Toddlers are crazy! My sim might not be freaking out, but I have to pause the game in rl because having this many toddlers is stressful! lol My game did this to me. I guess I needed an extra challenge hehehe

      Liked by 1 person

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