Survive the Insanity: Day 5 – Happy Hollow Asylum – Seasons In The Mix

In our last chapter, Louis was going stir crazy and needed to have a breather, so decided to take everyone to GeekCon. While Louis launched himself off to space, Sonny decided to sing some karaoke and had a few groupies. Meanwhile, Randall decided to practice some jokes with the toilet. Deirdre tried her hand at karaoke and Sonny was giving her an appreciative look. He must have thought she sounded pretty good. Later, Randall made his karaoke debut, too. Krysta, later joined by Veta and Deirdre was building a rocket. Perhaps she was planning some sort of escape. Midge…well, Midge was rather obsessed with the gaming area and stayed there for the entire festival. Sonny and Rocky went to the computer area and were trolling the forums until they heard the announcement to enter the hackathon. And after being “nudged”, Sonny won the contest. Yes, Sonny now had an ill-gotten computer, but the masses decided he should keep it…hidden in the asylum house’s inventory, of course.

Author’s Notes: 

Some changes before we begin our story. Well, we are back! I checked my save file and realized I hadn’t played since June! In the meantime, I now have the Seasons pack, so decided that we will start with Summer season. I looked at the outfits that the game had randomly generated for them for Summer and Winter outfits, and most were fine, but some I had to change. Just like I left it, it is Wednesday, and the next day they will have the dinner party. I put that on the calendar. I also added a few other holidays to the calendar and changed the season length to 14 days. I also decided that it was too hard to have two save files, one for The Circle Asylum and one for The Happy Hollow Asylum, because of relationships, so they are all now in one save file. Stats: $1,054 house funds; club perks 822; Louis aspiration points 1,900.

And so it begins…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

happy hollow calendar.pngToday’s Lot Traits: Bracing Breezes, Homey, Penny Pixies. Summer, Day 4. Happy Hollow Social Club in progress.garlic noodles.png Louis really had to hone up on his gourmet cooking skills. He had just today to figure out what culinary delight he would be serving tomorrow for his dinner party. Here he made garlic noodles. He really wanted to make an impression on Viviana to make it up to her for Veta nearly burning their asylum down. He wondered how many sims could attend the party. He had read some rules posted in the kitchen that only 15 sims could come to a house party. Of course, everyone here at Happy Hollow Asylum, so that’s 8, then Viviana, 9….so who else to invite? Well, he would come up with a solution to that, but right now, more reading and experimenting with gourmet dishes. And drinks…oh right, he had to practice making drinks, too.upgraded the stove to a cooking u pro.png To have Louis complete a milestone in the Mixology aspiration, I sold one of the living room chairs and replaced it with another bar stool. Louis now has 2,175 aspiration points. I also upgraded the stove to a Cooking U-Pro. Food quality is 4 and reliability is 5. Unfortunately, couldn’t upgrade the fridge as well, but that is next. I also purchased the water balloon bucket for the backyard. They are now down to $269 simoleons.

purchased the stoves and grills aspiration reward.png

With the aspiration points, I purchased the Stoves and Grill Masters reward. Hopefully, this will help with his cooking skill.

While Louis is experimenting in the kitchen, let’s see how everyone else is doing…sonny and rocky zonked out.pngRocky and Sonny are zonked out upstairs. I guess all the hijinks of yesterday was too much for them. Sleeping is good, though, because they have to work later on.deirdre is making some dire prediction.png Deirdre is making some dire prediction and Veta seems non-pulsed by the drama. Is the prediction for today? For tomorrow? Who really knows what Deirdre is talking about half the time.midge swimming.png Midge is swimming by herself in the pool. She seems to be smiling while swimming. Is she happy? Is she thinking about a new tactic for Don’t Wake the Llama? Splish-splash…well, we really don’t know what she is up to.swimming in the pool together.png Well, Midge isn’t alone for long, because then Randall and Krysta join her. See that water balloon bucket in the corner…dum da dum dum…while inspired I get louis to paint.pngSince Louis is inspired I have him start a painting, but he tells himself a story instead.louis off to work.png And then Louis heads off to work. And now they are left alone in the house.watching vita and deirdre play dont wake the llama.png Midge seems to be training some new Don’t Wake the Llama recruits. Is this her new strategy? What is she really up to here? Midge did not play Don’t Wake the Llama during the entire day, but just stood and watched others play. I thought this was rather weird because she is obsessed with that game. I decided I had better check to make sure she was ok, and she still had the “recovering from a cold” moodlet. So, maybe that is why she didn’t play.rocky rushed right over when he heard that a game was in progress.png Rocky and Sonny decide to come down and join in the fun. Rocky doesn’t even change and sits down in his heart underwear. He really wanted to play.sunny having an erratic moment.png Sonny thinks he hears strange voices and wonders what is going on with Midge training these two? He is not sticking around to find out and decides to head for a swim instead.what is going on.png I had changed the Happy Hollow Social Club activities to include summer activities and was hoping that someone would autonomously use the water bucket to have a water fight. But, I don’t think that will happen…so…with a little nudge *wink*…wter balloon fight.pngI have Randall and Krysta have a water balloon fight. Look out, Randall! Once this starts, all the actions during the water fight are autonomous. Oh Krysta, what a shot!i think krysta got sunny instead oops.png Oh no! Krysta’s shot is heading right towards Sonny’s head! Oops!ah nah didnt get me.png Krysta totally missed Randall, and Randall gives an expression like “Nah, nah, you missed me!”oh yah try to hit me.pngAnd this is Krysta’s response. Not sure who it was meant for, though, Randall or Sonny! Krysta, don’t get on Sonny’s bad side. There is no winner or loser in a water balloon fight, they just get the playful moodlet which lasts 3 hours.

The Sonny and Rocky head off to work.midge teaching dont wake the llama.png Inside, Midge is still at it with Veta and Deirdre at the Don’t Wake the Llama Table. Look at her giving Veta some helpful hints. In this game, Veta got The llama almost fell tonight moodlet, so whatever Midge told her, worked. At least Veta didn’t lose that game.

what should rocky do

I get a pop-up notice from Rocky at work. You know, he does call me for advice from time to time. Well, I tell him to “Keep Walking” because she has a bodyguard with her. Rocky, you should have figured this out yourself. Thankfully he listens to me and walks on by and doesn’t lose any points in his job. krysta jivving.png With the water balloon fight over, Krysta jives to some tunes on the stereo.deirdre shows off her moves.png Deirdre, who actually won the game of Don’t Wake the Llama, decides to show off some dance moves to Krysta. “This is how it’s done, girl. Swing those hips!”shaping the bonsai got flower arranging skill.pngRandall decides the bonsai plant needs shaping. He gets the Flower Arranging skill for doing this.krysta and veta watchng a movie simder was chosen.png Krysta and Deirdre decide to watch Simder together. Oh boo hoo…such a sad scene. And during this, Louis comes home and got a promotion. Woot! Rocky and Sonny are still at work until 4am.promotion for louis

Louis’ skills at end of the day: Cooking-6; Gourmet Cooking & Rocket Science-2; Charisma, Comedy, Dancing, Fitness, Gardening, Handiness, Painting, Video Gaming-1 He still has no friends. Poor sim. Level 2 of Master Chef, Master Mixologist & Leader of the Pack.louis stargazing.png And so we leave The Happy Hollow Asylum for today as Louis stargazes and thinks about the dinner party tomorrow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Sneak Peek ~ Dinner Party Lot Trait Vote Results ~

So, it looks like the lot traits for the dinner party will be Party Place for sure. And then we have a 3-way tie for Romantic Aura, Cursed and Haunted. So, I made an executive decision and chose Romantic and ….. Haunted. I mean what’s a few more dinner guests? Louis can handle it. Right?

lot traits for dinner party





9 thoughts on “Survive the Insanity: Day 5 – Happy Hollow Asylum – Seasons In The Mix

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Those residents have minds of their own. Somethings, though, you do have to give them a nudge, but I do mention when I do this in my blog. Like the water balloon fight. I don’t think they would have autonomously done this, so I just chose 2 at random and then it’s autonomous from there. Works for me. lol

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    • Yah, I couldn’t let that story go, just had to think through some things as far as two houses in 2 separate saves. That wasnt working, so now it’s just one save, and I think it will be easier. Mostly because of the relationships. It really didn’t work the other way. I find I often have to pause the game just to find out what they are doing and hope no-one is setting anything on fire. lol

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