Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 11 -Ana & Brittani’s Birthdays

#SAA100BabyChallengemailman delivering mail in a blizzard.pngWhat a fun day they all had yesterday at the Windenburg Tree Lighting Event. Melody wished she could spend more days like that. It’s still dark out as Melody peeks out the window to see the mail carrier delivering the mail. He is certainly not dressed for the weather!pay the bills.png Melody heads out to the mailbox to get the mail. There is a toy from Victor for Elise and there is an envelope with the bills in it. When she opens the bills, she (and I) nearly faint! Are you ready for the amount?

um what are those bills

What the heck? $3,587 simoleons! How could they be this much? Melody now has 48 hours to pay these bills and she has nowhere near this amount to pay for them. I decide to shut off the thermostat and everyone will just have to wear their winter attire until we get the bills under control.found more holly bushes for her to plant.png I devise a plan to try to have Melody make some simoleons starting with harvesting. She does have some holly in her inventory but she is unable to plant any outside as she gets a notice that it is too cold to plant.look how much snow has fallen but harvest lemons.png Even though there is snow on the trees, there are lemons to harvest.HOW WAS SHE GOING TO PAY THE BILLS.png Back inside, Melody sends the bees to fetch a gift and she rummages for winter decorations and sells them. She also breeds frogs in her inventory. Still not enough. Well, she would worry about that tomorrow because today was Ana and Brittani’s birthdays and she had to have a great party for them. She was having the party at 1pm, so still plenty of time to get them working on their skills.trying to make a flower arrangement and cut the flower to bits.png Melody decides to make a flower arrangement because she has bluebells in her inventory and it will cost her nothing to make. She is not paying attention and snips a flower to bits. Oops. She continues to make a few more arrangements since everyone is still asleep.on her birthday Britanni misbehaving Or are they? Brittani is up early on her birthday and has decided to make a mess in the living room. Unfortunately, Melody has to discipline her and Brittani is not too happy with the high chair.png Melody does a bit of last-minute clean-up of the house. That high chair is a mess! I have Ana and Brittani work on shapes to get their thinking skill up and also Brittani to go potty. These are two skills that they don’t have level 3 on yet (except Ana who leveled up in potty skill yesterday), and I don’t think they will get them before they age in coffey house.png And then it happens! I had saved up until here and when I went into my game, I am greeted with this. It’s a fire! The table that I moved near the fireplace has caught on fire!soon her house will be cinders.png I try to click on extinguish the fire and I don’t get that interaction. All it keeps giving me is Fire. Melody just stands there while the fire is spreading. If she doesn’t do something soon, the house will be in cinders and she will be on fire. Then, the toddlers start coming to the front to see what is happening.

I could have just exited at this point, but I figured if I had Melody move somewhere else, maybe she could still extinguish the fire.grabbing all the children.png Now, she has to grab the kids and get them outside. She can only carry one at a time.another toddler.png And Elise is safely out. And what about the babies? I can’t go into build mode while a fire is on the lot to move them. And look at Melody’s face. She is not happy either.extinguish the fire.png I have Melody go back inside and now I get extinguish the fire. Melody blasts those flames with the fire extinguisher.all crying and sad.png Meanwhile, outside, the toddlers are all crying and sad. I had the sound off but I could just imagine all the noise they were making. Ahh, poor little toddlers.everyone was fine.png But Melody gets the fire out and brings everyone back inside. She reassures everyone that they are ok. What a disaster!super parent glow.png Elise needs an extra hug, and then Melody gets this “glow” around her. It’s the Super Parent Glow. For sure, she was a super parent getting those kids to safety.TELLING A STORY TO SNOWPAL.png Outside, Deja is telling the whole story to the snowpal.felicity and fiona asleep Melody quickly goes in to check on Fiona and Felicity, and they are fine. Not bothered at all, like nothing happened.

Back in the living room, I replace the table and chairs and rearrange the living room a bit so the table is farther away from the fireplace. Melody mops the floor clean. There is now no time to work on skills with Ana and Brittani anymore. Melody has to make a cake for the birthday party, which is almost ready to start!time to get the birthday kids.png Well, Melody made it! She baked a hamburger cake for the birthdays and invited Gunther Munch, Mila Munch, and Gavin Richards to the party.elise and gavin richards.png Elise is excited to see Gavin and gives him a hug. She is filthy and in need of a bath, but no time now.ana and gunther.png Gunther gives Ana a loving hug. Ana’s face looks so sad here.ana aging up.png What a great family portrait. Totally by accident that Mila happened to be standing there. You can almost hear the conversation in this photo:

Mila: “Gunther, Ana is becoming a child today.  It brings back happy memories. I’m so proud of you, son.”

Gunther: “Yes, she is getting so big so fast. I want her to stay little forever. Where did the time go? I feel so old.”


Ana Coffey-Munch aged up and rolled the Social Butterfly Aspiration and Bookworm trait. And now it was Brittani’s turn, but Melody wasn’t fast enough to re-light the candles and one of the kids (I think it was Elise), grabs a piece of cake. She then has to bake another cake, a chocolate cake this brittanis turn.png It looks like Gavin is helping to blow out the candles, too! Make a wish!


Brittani Coffey-Richards aged up and rolled the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration and the Neat trait. Having the neat trait is kind of hilarious considering she was making a mess this morning!ana and brittani child.png What pretty girls! Ana snaps a pic of the two of them.enjoyng some birthday cake.png Ana and Brittani enjoying some birthday cake. Melody got a bronze for the event and a charisma book reward.mila still here.png Everyone has left except but Mila. Ana and Brittani are doing their homework.deja asleep on the floor.png Elise eating a piece of cake on the couch and Deja asleep on the floor. Dirty plates line the counter.cameron is getting a bath.png Elise and Cameron are filthy and both need a bath, but Melody is pretty tired from the events of the day.filthy cameron.png So, I have Melody give Cameron a bath before bed to get him all clean for his birthday tomorrow. Then, Mila finally heads home and all the kids are now in bed.she has to sell the bar so i get her to make drinks first Just as Melody was going to head to bed, she gets a notice that she has 24 hours to pay the bills. Ugh! What more can go wrong today? I have to have Melody sell more stuff. Before she sells her bar, I have her complete the Milestone in Mixology to make 10 drinks and get those aspiration points. She makes water, which costs nothing. Then, bye bye bar and bar stools. I tell you, trying to get the funds to pay this HUGE bill is rather stressful. But luckily, before the next day, Melody manages to get all the funds to pay the bills. She then has $23 simoleons left.

melody aftr paying the billsAs you can see, she is in desperate need of simoleons and it’s Winterfest tomorrow. Well, more harvesting, frog breeding, selling decorations and sending those bees to fetch a gift. She will make it (crossing my fingers).

Melody’s skills: Cooking and Parenting-Level 10; Gardening-Level 7; Charisma-Level 5; Flower Arranging, Comedy, Gourmet Cooking & Hardiness-Level 3; Singing-Level 2; Logic, Video Gaming, Mixology, Photography, Dancing-Level 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Well, the only trick I can give you today is to save on those utility bills! In winter, shut the thermostat off and have them all wear their winter clothing indoors. And purchase the Frugal Trait (2,000 points) with your aspiration points to get the bills down.

Beth from the Facebook group had a tip about storing the birthday cake in the Come and Get it Street Store table (City Living pack-$400 simoleons) and re-using it for each birthday. Apparently, the cake will not decay. Great tip. But watch out for those hungry toddlers who will just grab a piece of cake once the candles are blown out! If you have the Jungle Pack, the Salvadorian Craft Sales Table costs $300 simoleons. I  believe this should do the same thing, although haven’t tried either. When Melody gets some more simoleons, I will give this tip a try.



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    • Thanks for reeading and commenting. It was actually that fire that covinced me she needed to expand! lol I know, those bills were horrible! It really was stressing me out in real life because I didn’t think she woukd make it in time to get those bills paid.

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