Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 12 – Winterfest

#SAA100babychallengeblizzard outsideToday is Winterfest and it’s a blizzard! Brr…and it’s also Cameron’s birthday. Yeah! Similar to Harvestfest, there are certain activities that you have to do to complete the Winterfest goals. They are: Decorate, Festive Spirit, Open Presents, Grand Meal, and Father Winter. Melody already decorated, so she’s partway there. Let’s hope she gets them all done.and the mail comes again.png And the mail comes again. Ah, come on! Melody just got the bills. How can they come again? The mail carrier has other problems, I guess, and heads back out into the blizzard. Can someone please purchase a coat for this poor guy?

Melody then heads out to the mailbox and she gets two choices, check for Winterfest gifts and mail. She does both, and the only mail she got was for the kids! There is a gift for Fiona from Morgan Fyres, a gift for Felicity from Dominic Fyres and a gift for Elise from Victor Feng. No bills! Yeah!melody planting the money tree.png To start the day, I looked at Melody’s aspiration points and she has 7,585 aspiration points. The first thing I buy for her is the Frugal Trait (2,000 points) to get her bills reduced, and the second is the Money Tree (5,000 points). The money tree takes 7 days to grow and she has to plant it in a separate pot indoors. I kept getting the pop-up that the plant failed to germinate and realized that the house walls had to be on tall. So, I just changed them and it worked. In the spring, Melody will move it outside as it will produce in all seasons. Grow little money tree! Grow!running inside from the blizzard.png I check the plants to see if there is anything for Melody to harvest. And, yes, there are lemons on the trees. So, I send Melody out into the blizzard (I know, I am heartless), to harvest them. She gets this funny moodlet like “What am I doing out here in a blizzard?” and runs really fast back inside. It is quite funny to watch.feeding felicity.png Melody heads to the bedroom and gives Fiona and Felicity some attention. Sometime today they are supposed to age up, too. And see behind her, I had to place one of the children’s beds in Melody’s bedroom. The house was getting crowded and needed an expansion.ana and brittani are up early on winterfest morning.png Brittani and Ana are up first. Ana was complaining about the cold, so I changed her into her winter outfit. Here is Ana doing the pee-pee walk to the bathroom.melody had cooked a grand meal for breakfast and the kids were hungry.png Melody has enough simoleons to make a Grand Meal (Breakfast) for the kids, a meal she has to prepare for Winterfest. She has to pay the full price of $60 simoleons, as she sold the lemons. And yes, they’re all wearing their winter clothing because Melody still has the thermostat turned off. In fact, can someone throw me a blanket? I’m getting cold just thinking about it.ana and brittani join sscouts

There is no school today, so I have Ana and Brittani join Scouts, which is an after-school activity. You can join by using the phone. They each get a free Scouting Badge Board. So, when they do things, like take out the garage, or entertain a toddler, they get points towards a badge.brittani telling cameron a goofy story.png I have Brittani work on a badge but am not sure how the entertain a toddler works, but I have Brittani tell Cameron a goofy story. He doesn’t look too entertained to me, so she plays dolls with him instead.

Of course when Melody comes in and does a “Belly Laugh”, Cameron thinks it’s funny. Melody also asks Ana and Brittani if they have been “Good or Bad?” These are part of the interactions for the Festive Spirit.very sad deja.png Deja seems sad and is trying to get Ana’s attention, but Ana is absorbed in her book, My Pizzi-Cat-o-Polka. Look at Deja’s face!cameron ages uip Melody decides to have Cameron’s birthday party early before they open the presents. She bakes a chocolate cake and invites Cameron’s Dad over, Marcus Flex. Make a wish! Time to blow out the candles!

Cameron Coffey-Flex rolled Social Butterfly and the Active trait.openng presents.png It was now time to open all those presents under the tree. It was a small pile, but there was a gift for everyone. Here is what everyone got from the present pile: Brittani: Romance Festival Bubble Bottle; Cameron: Lump of Clay; Deja: A set of Nesting Blocks; Elise: Amateur Hour child-sized violin; and Melody: A pro-quality knife Block Set. Such great gifts. But what about Ana?excited about presents.png Well, Ana, the toddler who destroyed dollhouses, got the best gift of all. A lump of coal. And she was so excited about getting it and said she would treasure it always! I had a good laugh over that gift.windy out With the birthday party over and the presents opened, everyone knew that Father Winter would arrive soon. To say that they were overcome with excitement was an understatement. Brittani even braved the blizzard to see if she could see Father Winter anywhere outside. She didn’t and ran back inside quickly.father winter magically appeared at 8pm by the fireplace.png As if by magic, Father Winter suddenly appeared by the fireplace just after 8 pm. The children were excited! Melody told everyone to talk to Father Winter first and then they could ask him for a present.all hoevered around father winter.png Ana had no problem at all talking with Father Winter and asking him all kinds of questions, like how was his day, what his interests were and on she went. She was a real chatterbox around him. Cameron is quietly opening the gift that Father Winter gave him.she was kind of shy.png On the other hand, Deja came over to have a look at Father Winter and was getting the “stranger danger” moodlet. She was a bit shy. But Father Winter brought a gift to her and she was much happier.givign a gift to elise Elise, though, was a bit braver (and dirtier) and went right up to Father Winter to get her gift.for me.png Oh, look what’s in this box! A special gift for Brittani from Father Winter. It’s magical!everyone was there and he was giving them all presents.png After all of the children finished opening their gifts, everyone relaxed with Father Winter and ate some sugar cookies that Melody had made. Father Winter gave some good gifts! Here’s the loot round-up: Ana: Wafflekone the Llamacorn talking toy; Brittani: Hilariously Tiny T-rex Arms fossil; Cameron: PenguinVision Children’s television; Deja: a turquoise stone (said to bring protection and good fortune); and Elise: hopper statue

And then…“there arose such a clatter” that Melody sprang from her chair ” to see what was the matter”* The noise was coming from Melody’s bedroom. It was the twins! They were aging up! I guess they didn’t want to miss out on getting a gift from Father Winter, too.

[Author’s Note: A line from Clement Clark Moore’s poem, Twas the Night Before Christmas. The actual line is “When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter”. More here.]not something you see everyday.pngUmmm…yah….not something you see every day! Where did that extra baby come from? fiona with blonde hair felicity with red hair.pngAnd here they are! Fiona Coffey-Fyres on the left with the blonde hair rolled Clingy. And on the right, Felicity Coffey-Fyres rolled Fussy.father winter with the new toddlers.png Father Winter with the aged up twins. Fiona is sitting right next to Father Winter. She is not shy at all about asking for a present. But why is Father Winter giving Felicity this strange look? Is Felicity on his naughty list already? Nah….he must be wondering where Felicity got that red hair!getting a gift.png Look at the excitement on Fiona’s face! She gets a Humor and Hijinks Festival Bubble bottle.felicity getting her gift And Felicity is babbling to Father Winter. I think she is trying to say that she’s not peeking. She gets a train set-cargo car.melody couldnt belive she was getting a gift.png Then, much to Melody’s surprise, Father Winter turns to Melody and tells her he had a special gift for her, too. She couldn’t believe she was getting a gift from Father Winter!microscope gift

Melody was speechless. It was huge! It was expensive and it was hers! Where would she put it? Would she gain skills with it? So many questions, Melody’s mind was whirling.

And now for a bit of magic….

Father Winter also told her that he had another gift for her. But she had to follow what he told her carefully. He told her that at the stroke of midnight, everyone in the household must leave the house and walk down the roadway until they couldn’t see the house anymore. At 12:05 pm, they could return, but not a moment sooner.he was gone up the chimney.png Melody didn’t understand, but before she could say another word or thank him for the gifts, he was gone in a poof of smoke. Winterfest was a success and all the children were thrilled with their gifts.ventured out into the snow.png Melody looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. She called the children to her and said they had to leave the house together at midnight and walk down the road. She had no idea what would happen, but she somehow felt it would be a good thing.mommy i love u And there they waited. The children didn’t know what was going on, but they all just stayed in place. Cameron thought this would be a good time to do his homework, and Ana came over and gave Melody a loving hug. Even though they were outside in the cold, Melody felt so warm surrounded by her reno house.png When the five minutes were up, Melody led them back to the house. Melody was the first to arrive. She looked around and everything looked the same. But, wait, no, it was different. It was bigger! She had a bigger house! She couldn’t believe it!her house gone foreverf.png Just yesterday she had thought about a house renovation and had made a little wish. But alas, she had no simoleons and just had to make do. This truly was the best Christmas gift she had ever received. Melody looked as if she was about to cry.

“Thank you Father Winter!” she said out loud. And as if by magic, the snow gently swirled around Melody and the children. It was as if Father Winter was there with them, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[Spoiler: In reality, I enlarged the house and sold off a lot of her furnishings, including her bed to pay for walls. Playing ahead a few chapters, I am happy to report that everyone has a bed by New Year’s Eve (2 days away). Pictures of the reno in the next chapter. So, yes, she’s still broke.]

Tips & Tricks:

Need some simoleons? In the new Seasons pack, there are two items worth purchasing. The Attic Stack Decoration Box for $100 simoleons (already mentioned), and the Pile of Presents for $45 simoleons or the Large Pile of Presents for $150 simoleons. These items can be used anytime. For The Attic Stack Decoration Box, you can “rummage for decorations” and random seasonal decorations come out. If you want, you can then sell them for simoleons. For either of the pile of presents, you can “open present” and you receive a random gift, which again you can sell for simoleons. These two items can be used over and over again. So if you’re low on funds, these items are great to have. Why wait to use that pile of presents for a holiday, use it for birthdays, too! The buy mode items that just keep giving, and giving, and giving…

Link to Ch 13 – School Daze



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    • Leading you down the path….lol Yep, no money cheats done. She only had 2 toddler beds and 2 children’s beds left. The toddlers passed out on the floor as did Melody. Melody’s bedroom is filled with the apple trees that I put inside for her to get more simoleons. One think I don’t like about seasons’ winter – no outdoor scaveging because everything is covered with snow. Oh yes, fun times at the Coffey house! lol


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  2. I love all the tips you put in these. And I don’t remember if this was one in your list at some point. But when you said she baked another cake I wondered if you knew about the trick of putting candles on the cake and sticking it in the fridge. As long as it doesn’t bug no one will touch the candled cake and it comes out of the fridge with candles on it saving a TON of time on cake making which is needed for all that toddler raising.

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