Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch.6 – Where are the leaves?


In the last chapter, three of the four babies aged up to toddler and Melody is pregnant with Victor Feng’s baby.

Today, Deja is supposed to age up and it’s also the Lottery, a random holiday. Of course, Melody buys a lottery ticket. I mean she could win 1 million simoleons, so it doesn’t hurt to try.  To do so, just wait until the day of the lottery (you have to do it on the actual day), and choose to buy the lottery ticket from the phone or computer. Lottery tickets cost $100 simoleons each.lottery day of course she buys a ticket

this is the pop up

This is the pop-up she received after buying one. Hilarious!eating fruit salad.pngMelody having some fruit salad with Britanni. Doesn’t it look like Melody is balancing that fruit bowl on her head?camerons stinky diaper Changing Cameron’s diaper! It’s stinky.cameron working on potty skill.png Melody decides to start Cameron on potty training right away.britanni and cameron autonomous hug.png An autonomous hug between Cameron and Britanni. So cute!how nice

And Grandma Mila has sent Ana a gift. In fact, Gunther also sent Ana a gift, and Gavin sent Britanni a gift as well. They are coming in the mail (turns out they were all toys). Ok, what about the other dads? Show me the gifts!deja aged up.png And suddenly Deja Coffey-Yoshida ages up and rolled Clingy.almost the end of fall and there are leaf piles everywhere.png So while Melody waits for the birth of the next baby, she decides to take the toddlers outside. It is almost the end of autumn, and I wanted to find some leaves for her to rake, and maybe for the toddlers to play in. Then I see them. All these piles of leaves everywhere.raking leaves.png I have Melody rake up a pile of leaves. I also made a new club to enjoy the seasons. I was only going to add the family, but then Melody got a call from Gunther Munch applying to the club, and so he is part of it now, too.playing in the leaves.png Deja is the first one to discover a leaf pile and starts to play in it.leaves.png They don’t have a fenced backyard, but I figured they would be alright if Melody stayed outside.walking in the leaves.png I thought this was a nice fall picture of Melody walking down the roadway with the fallen leaves all around.burning leavs.png Leaf piles give you some choices. Woohoo, play in, rake leaves or burn leaves. I have Melody burn the leaves, and she nearly sets herself on fire.ffirey leaves.png Melody has had enough fun with the burning leaves. Time to head inside and see what the toddlers are up to.ana destoying the dollhouse.png Ok, well, inside Ana has decided to destroy the dollhouse. Not sure why, but here she is with Deja watching.and then she cries.png And then Ana starts crying. After calmly disciplining Ana, Melody gives Deja and Ana a snack. They now all have the sad moodlet from the destroyed dollhouse.cute but stinky.png Meanwhile, outside, Brittani is having a terrific time being on her own because of the Independent trait. Stinky but happy.huffing and puffing.png With all the excitement of the day, Melody goes into labor.victor at the sidewalk.png She barely makes it to the hospital in time, with only 30 minutes to spare. There is Victor on the sidewalk doing the pre-parental panic dance. Melody has no time to even say hi as she rushes past him into the hospital.will she make it to the delivery table in time.png Melody stops in the hallway of the hospital and I think she is going to give birth there. But, she makes it to the delivery room…with minutes to elise.png Baby # 5 It’s a GIRL! Elise Coffey-Feng.elise baby name

she didnt win thoughAlmost as soon as she gives birth, Melody gets the notice that the Lottery was over. now im hungry for a cupcake.pngI didn’t get any pop-up that she won, but she received a terrific gift anyway. Little Elise.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Once a toddler reaches level 3 in their skills, you can age them up. So, my advice is to work on those toddler skills right away. Especially, potty training, then they can go to the bathroom themselves. I love those toddlers who have the Independent trait because you can have them go potty by themselves. Potty training just goes to Level 3, all the other skills go to Level 5. There are four toddler skills, Creativity, Motor, Social, and Mental. We’ll see how Melody does with her houseful of toddlers and see if they can all reach Level 3 in all their skills. Toddlers auto age-up in 7 short days on normal lifespan, so Melody has to get busy.






Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 5 – Toddler Chaos


Ok, something is wrong. By now, some of these babies should have aged up to toddlers, but they are stuck in Babyland. No birthday notice, nothing. I could have just aged them up, but I didn’t want to break any rules. So, I figured that I should do a repair game to see if that might help, look at the settings, etc. I did that and sure enough, it worked. Their birthdays are now on the calendar, and horror of horrors, it’s like Melody had quadruplets, as they are all going to age up to toddlers on the same day! And today’s the day! Yikes!omg 4 babies aging up to toddlers today And where the heck did Summer go? It’s Day 3 of fall already. I did get a nice shot of Windenburg, though, with the fall colors. It almost looks like there are sheep grazing on the hill. If I did this again, I would make the seasons longer, perhaps 14 days.windenburg countryside Ok, back to the reality of babies aging up. I did a bit of a room reno so the toddlers would have some beds. At the time I did this, there were only 3 birthdays on the calendar, and then when I logged back in, there were four. Making up for lost time, I reno getting read for toddlers.png So right now just three beds in the room. another shot of the room.pngI also bought a dollhouse, 3 potty toilets, and some blocks.look at that dirty sink.png I upgraded the bathroom and bought a combo bathtub/shower. Will you look at that dirty sink!upgraded bed again.png And I up-graded her bed daddy club Because I thought I would need help with all these babies, I created a club. I named it the Baby Daddy Club. Originally, I thought of having all male sims in it, sort of have all the potential donor dads in a club, so I can summon them whenever and then replace them with new donor dads. However, I had some female sims who were just too helpful to ignore, like Mila Munch. Mila Munch has grandmother status to Ana Coffey-Munch, plus she is so good with those babies.made a club.png Anyway, the living room got another couch for all those club members congregating at the house.  With her club points, she bought a social skill boost and had enough club points to add another member. Well, with all that splurging done, Melody only has $141 simoleons left, and wouldn’t you know that the bills were delivered right after. So, she also has no funds for the $482 simoleon bill.collecting and selling honey.png Harvesting and selling honey netted her some more simoleons. She now has $621 simoleons, enough to pay the bills. Yes!the 3 dads jogging in the rain.png So I thought it would be nice to invite the four Dads over on the day the kids aged up to toddlers. Well, that didn’t work. As soon as they got to the lot, they all went jogging in the rain and never came back. I tried again later on, but they all left after a few minutes. In fact, Nobuya showered first and then in babysitters with the club members.png Well, I have my club members who help look after the babies. They are like built-in babysitters. I also put cleaning as one of the things the club members do, so free maids, too.victor feng baby daddy.png One of my Baby Daddy Club members is Victor Feng. Victor is an adult sim who lives in San Myshuno and works as a politician. His traits are materialistic, perfectionist and genius. Yes, new traits! He is married to Lily Feng, who has the “hates children” trait, but he loves them, it seems. He also cleaned that dirty bathroom sink (from a few pics ago). A keeper for sure. preggers again.pngSo, in no time at all, Melody used her charming ways on him, and she’s pregnant again. Here she is making a beeline for a piece of hamburger cake. Ahhh….cravings.2 babes.pngWaiting for these babies to age up….Ana on the left, Britanni on the right.2 babies.pngDeja on the left, Cameron on the right. waiting for the babies to age up.pngWait, wait, wait. Gee, it takes a long time waiting for these babies to age up. Might as well get some beauty rest.ana and britanni.png But, surprise! They do age up in the evening. Well, 3 of them do. On the left with the blonde hair is Ana Coffey-Munch who rolled Wild. On the right is Britanni Coffey-Richards who rolled Independent.cameron and stinky deja.png Cameron Coffey-Flex on the right rolled Inquisitive. And in the crib complaining and stinky is Deja Coffey-Yoshida.britanni making a mess cameron playing in toilet.png And as Melody is making some food in the kitchen, Britanni is making a mess on the floor in the living room. ana splashing in toilet.pngAna is splashing in the toilet.cameron passed out on the bed.png And Cameron is thankfully passed out on the bed (he takes after his mother!)the coffey clan Ahhh….such a lovely family! The Coffey Clan. I look at the calendar again, and it looks like Deja will age up tomorrow. So Melody changes Deja’s diaper and puts them all to bed.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

If you are ever unsure of when a baby or toddler or child or teen are supposed to age up, here are the stats:


(Courtesy of

Since the 100 Baby Challenge is played on normal lifespan, a baby should age up in 3 days, NOT 3 seasons like what happened in my game!

As per the rules, “Babies cannot be aged up until you get a notification saying that it is their birthday (not the one saying it is almost their birthday; it has to actually be their birthday).” Toddlers need to reach Level 3 in all their skills, and children and teens need to get an “A” before they are aged up.

Another tip, if you have the Get Together pack, make a club. Club members can help out around the house with the kids, help clean, and help with homework. You can create the club and cater it for what you want club members to do. When they have a gathering, you can earn reward points. Bonus!

Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 4 -Dinner Date


In the last chapter, Melody had her first boy, Cameron Coffey-Flex with Marcus Flex. Then Melody headed home in the rain and wasted no time in recruiting Donor Dad # 4. She had initially called Jacques Villareal, but he didn’t come over. I have no idea why. Hopefully, he’s still alive and kicking, so on to a backup plan.roast em party.png I checked out her relationships and saw a townie in there with a little pink. Oh, right, she met him at The Shreiking Llama. Wasting no time at all, she invites him over. And soon….the first kiss. Meet Nobuya Yoshida, an unemployed adult townie. Traits are neat, cheerful and creative. What is with all these creative sims that Melody is meeting? The only one who doesn’t have the creative trait is Marcus daddy 4.png So after a quick invite into the bedroom….and, some romance time, Melody tells Nobuya that she is expecting. Nobuya didn’t stay long after that. I wonder if it was something she said? *chuckle*melody and grilled fruit.pngNo problem. Melody has places to go, things to do. Like using the bar-b-q in the park for the first time and making some fruit kebobs. Yum!dozing off again.pngAnd more scavenging. Doesn’t it look like she’s going to sneeze here? But we know better. Nah, she’s going to pass out. AGAIN! But at least she’s not peeing herself because I bought her the steel bladder trait with aspiration points! Yes! Now, I have to save up her aspiration points to get the hardly weary trait.dont be around her in the kitchen.png I was trying to complete level 2 of the Master Chef aspiration and Melody needed to complete a dinner party at the silver level. So a nice pic of her preparing some dish for the dinner party. Whoa! Look at those knife-wielding skills.dancing while melody is cooking.png Maybe this was a mistake, but I did it through the calendar as an event. She did achieve the silver level getting a nice hanging Master Chef Pot Rack. But, when I looked at the Master Chef Aspiration, the dinner party is not completed. Strange! Anyway, I guess she will have to try again.

dinner rewards

hamburger cake.pngHer guests were Mila Munch and Nobuya Yoshida. She also asked him to be her boyfriend. Why? For those aspiration points, of course.pre-paretal panic.png Shortly after the event, she went into labor. Must have been from the excitement of getting that pot rack.

And here is Nobuya giving us the pre-parental panic look.this corridor looks familiar.png Melody doesn’t look too happy going down this hallway yet again. But her doctor looks absolutely thrilled.

“Now come on Melody, perk up, let’s have another baby, shall we?”baby deja.pngBaby # 4. It’s a GIRL! Little Deja Coffey-Yoshida. These are randomly generated names and when Deja came up, that was the one. I was thinking  dé·jà vu myself! (meaning: dé·jà vu: a feeling of having already experienced the present situation). Um, yah, Melody can relate to that! Here is a little tidbit about this name as well.

“It was a name popular in the US in the 1990s used by Southern Americans. It is a short form of the name Dejanira (from Greek mythology the second wife of Hercules). The name means “Already”. (From It’s Spanish and French and the meaning is “Remembrance” or “Remember”.” (From name

I think I will add a little note about the baby’s name meaning when they are born. I am going to backtrack and do that now.

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

I just found this out today and had to share. For those simmers who have the Seasons pack, there is a money tree! A what? A money tree! Yes, you heard right. And you can get this money tree for a mere 5,000 aspiration points. To find it, when you click on the rewards, choose ALL, and it’s there. I would never have found it because I am always looking at the traits. There is nothing in the rules that says you can’t buy a money tree.

From the 100 Baby Challenge Rules: “Any other in-game rewards that you’ve earned by completing aspirations/whims and throwing social events may be used. You earned them fair and square, there’s no reason why you should not be able to enjoy the benefits that you’ve done the work to unlock.”

The money tree grows in all four seasons, takes 7 days to grow and with a normal plant can rake in $8,000 simoleons daily!

money tree





Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 3 – Summer Rain


Was it only a chapter ago that Melody was preggers and had a baby? Um, yah, that is the theme here. Perpetually pregnant. So, in the last chapter, Melody had baby # 2 – another girl, Brittani Coffey-Richards with Gavin Richards. My thought was to hyphenate Melody’s last name with the Donor Dad’s last name, but there is a limit to how long a Surname you can have. 15 letters to be exact, so Brittani does not have a hyphen in her name. I may have to rethink this with Generation 2, but for now, I shall trudge marcus flex It is now Summer, and Melody has a cute little hot weather outfit on. Marcus thinks it’s cute, too and soon they are having their first kiss. Marcus Flex is an adult pre-made sim who lives at the Partihaus household in Windenburg. His traits are bro, non-committal and active. You would think that he would have a job, but he is unemployed.marcus flex next.pngWell, it’s not like Melody is going to get any child support payments, so Marcus Flex becomes Donor Dad # 3. Umm…did you notice the bed? I upgraded it. he was excited.pngFor a sim who is non-committal, Marcus is really excited about the news that Melody is expecting.

“Ok, Marcus, just show yourself out. I’m going to sleep now.”baby 1 & 2.pngWell, Melody’s plan was to sleep, but she had to attend to Ana and Brittani. Their room is empty except for a different wallpaper on the wall. actually not passed out.pngHere is Melody, actually NOT passed out. She is cloud gazing to get inspired. Another cute outfit from the Seasons pack and you can see her baby bump.the flower arranger.png Once inspired, I have her work on her flower arranging skills. Making a bluebell and chrysanthemum arrangement. There are different choices of vases you can add once it’s finished and you can add scents.getting the cooking skill up.png Working on meal preparation while inspired to make those excellent meals, and switching to the Food-Master Chef aspiration to get those reward points. I tend to have her make family meals so she can use leftovers from the fridge.windenberg in the rain.png It is raining and I have Melody head out to scavenge. You would think that this raincoat and rainhat outfit would be enough to protect against the rain, but she gets a bad moodlet from being soaking wet. windenberg fallsSo I have to send her back home to get an umbrella. See that red plumbob…oh she is not happy with me. melody looking for items in a thunderstorm.png Even with the umbrella,  she is still not in a good mood. She is out in a thunderstorm with lightning all around. Do you think it’s safe to say that she won’t get struck by lightning if she is pregnant? Just guessing here.

Since the first day, she has found only one frog, so I was hoping to have her find another frog so she can make some simoleons with frog breeding. Luckily she found one. Why else would I have her out on such a miserable day?bees bringing melody a gift.png Once she is home and changed, I have her send her bee swarm to get her a gift. A much drier way to scavenge.

Oh and look, she now has a tv. There was a random holiday, Rebate Day, and she had to purchase something for $500 simoleons and she got a reward for this. I had enough reward points and purchased the Observant Trait for her.raining cats and dogs.png Look at this shot of her house in the rain. It’s a thunderstorm. She now gets frightened everytime a thunderstorm rolls around and Melody does not want to go outside.the roast em party.png Well, the forecast for tomorrow is more rain, so I decided to create another holiday and called it a Roast Em Party. I invited guests, lit a fire in the fireplace, danced, had drinks, and went streaking. [Note – see the passed out sim? That’s our Melody!]going streaking.pngUm, yah. Well, a lot of neighbors must have had the same party, because when Melody was out and about, she saw other sims streaking. Ok, well, we might not do that time and in labor.png Back at the house, chatting with Mila Munch and Katrina Caliente. These two sims were so helpful with the babies. And then, Melody goes into labor. Party over. in the rain at the hosp.pngAnd there is Marcus doing the pre-parental panic dance in the rain. baby 3 3 cameron coffey-flex.pngBaby # 3. It’s a BOY! Cameron Coffey-Flex arrives and starts complaining about the rainy day. He is whisked off to his dry home. For some reason, Melody has changed into her raincoat and hat. Time to brave the rain again.cameron name

And so ends our chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

No matter what packs you have, it’s really important to try to work on your cooking skill. Your matriarch will be making a lot of meals, and it’s so much better to have an excellent quality meal versus a poor quality meal. Get inspired before you attempt cooking by cloud watching, stargazing, taking a thoughtful shower, wearing a chicken hat or playing with a lump of clay.

There are so many other ways, and here is a link to get you inspired.

Carl’s Guide to Get Inspired



Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 2 – Worst Date Ever


In our last chapter, Melody has her first baby, Ana Coffey-Munch with Donor Dad Gunther Munch.gavn richards next in line As soon as she gets home, she calls up Gavin Richards, who she met at The Shreiking Llama bar. Gavin Richards is a pre-made young adult Sim who lives in Oasis Springs in the Roomies Household. His traits are neat, bro and creative and he is a Writer at Walrus Books. Same place that Gunther is employed. She is wasting no time here. Gavin looks concerned. Yah, you should be!gavng richards reaction.png And Gavin has that same perplexed look, like how did this happen?

“Um Gavin, yes, once is enough to get preggers. Congrats you’re going to be a Dad.”ana is such a happy baby.pngMelody hopes that all her children are as sweet as Ana. This baby hardly cries at all. Isn’t she adorable?on a date.png It is still Spring in Windenburg. I left the Seasons at the default setting of 7 days. Today is Love Day, a scheduled holiday. Traditions include romantic spirit, give flowers and go on a date. After looking over Melody’s relationships, I see that she has a bit of pink with Jacques Villareal. Since he is an elder, I figure that maybe Melody should ask him out on a date and see what happens. I really wanted to have Melody have babies with all the elder pre-mades first, but it didn’t quite work out that way. Well, no time to waste, let’s do it. Melody heads to The Old Quarter Inn bar in Windenburg for their date. It starts off well…but it seems that jacques is having a better time talking to a wooden llama.png…but it seems that Jacques is more interested in talking to a wooden llama than he is Melody.melody fell asleep on the date.png And when he does talk to her, well, let’s just say it was not the most exciting conversation. Yep, there she is, asleep on the floor.the dte just keeps getting better Oh but wait, the date just keeps getting better and, yep, Melody pees herself on the date. She gets a funny pop up notice.

bladder fail

This date is definitely not going in the direction I had hoped for Melody. All the time that this is going on, Jacques is oblivious and talking away to the wooden llama.any chance of romance on this date are done for.png I have Melody give it her all, and she asks if he is single and gets rebuffed. Melody tries to give him a romantic gift.pngI am not sure if there is any way Melody can salvage this date, but I am determined that Melody stays on this date until the bitter end. I have Melody carry on and she gives Jacques a romantic gift. A snapdragon perhaps? I see the thumbs down sign over Jacques’ head and know that perhaps this isn’t the best gift to give. Oh, I hope that snapdragons don’t have any hidden meanings. he surprises Melody and gives her a rose.pngMuch to my surprise, and Melody’s, Jacques gives her a rose, and she gets this pop-up notice.

there is hope just not for this date

Well, perhaps there is hope, just not on this date. With that, the date is over. Thankfully. Melody gets a book as a consolation prize. Before she heads out, she heads to the restroom and tries to wash up.melody stinky but working on baby daddy #3.png And even though she was stinky, she was still on the prowl. Perhaps Marcus Flex will be Donor Dad # 3? He certainly likes to feel the baby. this is my sim constantly.png Back at home wandering around the house in her hospital gown. I am not sure why she is wearing the hospital gown, but I guess it’s comfy, if not a bit drafty. She really needs to take a shower.melody's perpetual state.png Melody is constantly in the “red” and she just has one baby. She is either stinky, passed out or has peed herself. Here she is in the greenhouse, passed out while bees buzz around her. Poor Melody. I had just bought another planter and wanted her to plant some items from her inventory. I guess this is her way of saying no.

If you have the lot trait of Great Soil, apparently it only works in the planters. Why else would I spend $200 simoleons on a planter box? Outside, Melody has also planted some fruit trees, apple, plantain, lemon, and cherry. The lemons and cherries were harvested from wild trees nearby.peed herself again.png She finally wakes up only to pee herself. Oh, Melody!

You might notice that the greenhouse is now attached to the house. Yes, I have already done a bit of a reno. Just makes it easier to get to. The box you see beside the flower arranging table is another cool item in the Seasons pack. It’s the Attic Stack Decoration Box which costs $80 simoleons. In here are decorations that you can put up on your house for various holidays, and you can also “rummage” for various season decorations and sell them if you want. Another little simoleon-maker.melody dirty.pngMelody is not a very hardy sim. I will need to upgrade the bed and shower very, very soon. Here she is eating some cheese crackers.

Do you see that nice flower vase sitting on the fireplace mantle behind her? It’s a Princess Cordelia Corset Vase worth $330 simoleons which was rummaged from the decoration box. Nice find!gavin richards pre-parent attack.png And here we go again. An uncomfortable Melody in labor at the hospital with Gavin Richards in the pre-parental panic mode. Why do they always panic and then disappear into thin air?here i am again givinhg birth.png Melody will soon be able to give tours of the hospital. She really does know her way here. A great shot of Melody anxiously waiting to see her nooboo. brittani coffey-richards.pngBaby # 2 – It’s a GIRL! Meet Brittani Coffey-Richards. Britanni doesn’t look too thrilled to be here. Look at that face! But Melody loves her little angel. Brittani is magically whisked home and Melody follows.

brittani name

And so ends this chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Have your baby at the hospital. If you are debating whether to have the baby at home or at the hospital, go to the hospital. The benefits are that once your sim has her baby, all her needs are filled and green again. This works very well for Melody who is always in the red. You do get a birth certificate, but they are worth 0 simoleons. I think I will make a collage wall of all the birth certificates, once I am done the challenge.

Up-grade your matriarch’s bed and shower as soon as you can. This way she gets that needed sleep and takes a shower faster.

A tip for the Seasons pack is to buy the decoration box. Some of those rummaged items are worth more than going out to scavenge. Plus, they help beautify the home.









Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch. 1 – Melody Coffey, Gen 1 Matriarch


I know what you are thinking. Yes, I have started another challenge, and yet another 100 Baby Challenge. This one is on the Facebook Sim Addicts Anonymous Group. So maybe if I have some group support, I will actually make it through the challenge. If you are interested in joining, please do.

Here are the rules for the 100 Baby Challenge 100 Baby Challenge Rules.

And let’s begin…100baby challenge.pngHere she is, our first Baby Mama, Melody Coffey (Traits: Family-Oriented, Goofball, Creative). Aspiration-Freelance Botanist.

Thanks to a gift of a random drawing by LisaBeeSims An Era of Charming Tales, I won a copy of the Seasons pack. I decided to download Seasons before I started this challenge.

I started with Spring and decided to have her move to Windenburg at the Rustic Residence. A light snow is falling as I plop her down on the lot. She is so not dressed for the weather. planting holly.pngI wanted to build a little greenhouse and try out flower arranging, so I bought two seed packs and set her planting right away. This is holly, and its seasons are fall and winter.her shed.png This shed is a pre-made room available from build mode, Flowerbed Shed For $2,972 simoleons. I sold a bunch of items but purchased Burtie’s Bee Box and an indoor planter. Mushroom, spinach, green pepper, and chrysanthemum planted.  Lot traits are On Ley Line, Great Soil and Homey.renovated living room.png Knocking down some walls and a little reno to Rustic Residence. The lot size is 30 x 20 so great to expand. It also has 2 bedrooms. One of the new items I bought was an Umbri Umbrella Rack for $80 simoleons. Sims can take an umbrella from here. I figured this was a good investment since I will be having her out in the reno.png The boom room.pngThe boom-boom room. I upgraded her bed. I deleted all the furniture in the second bedroom, but otherwise, no changes. I sold the shower and bought a tub for the bathroom. melogy has plans for you.pngMelody doesn’t have to go very far to find her first Donor Dad. In fact, he comes to her with the Welcome Wagon. Meet Gunther Munch, a pre-made young adult sim (traits Creative, Bookworm, Clumsy) He has a job as a Writer’s Assistant at Walrus Books. Oh yah, Melody has plans for you! you can leave im preggers.pngI don’t think they ever left any fruitcake, but Gunther did leave a little surprise for Melody. And she’s preggers with Baby # 1. Ok, Gunther, go home now.

“Hey Gunther, don’t look so surprised. We did “try for baby” you know.”attempting her first flower arrangement.pngWith Gunther gone, and 4 days to wait until the birth of Baby # 1, I have Melody work on some skills. I have her make the cheapest flower arrangement, bluebells. She kind of looks a bit confused.bring me a gift.png Melody bonds with the bees, gathers the swarm and has them bring her a gift. I so love this feature because I didn’t find a lot of items when I sent her out scavenging for collectibles. Here she is in her cute cold weather outfit heading to The Shrieking Llama Bar to line up her next Donor Dads. spring fling.pngI created a holiday for her, Spring Fling, and had her invite some guests, hunt for eggs and the Flower Bunny came, too. “Hunt for egg” is very cool and the eggs are hidden under couches, shrubs, etc. on your household lot. Cha-ching, more simoleons. I think Melody is getting tips here on raising a large family.

bunnies.pngHow Many Bunnies Can a Rabbit Have?

getting stung by bees and pregnant.pngLife for Melody. Pregnant, always uncomfortable and being stung by bees. And she doesn’t even have any kids yet! Sheesh! gunther in pre-parent panic mode.pngAnd it’s time. Here is Gunther in his pre-parental panic attack. The doctor is Yusun Polk, an intern. She is going to get lots of practice with Melody around. Ana Coffey-Munch.pngBaby # 1 – It’s a GIRL! Ana Coffey-Munch. Ana’s name was randomly generated. I will start with the A-Z naming for now.

“Welcome to the world, little one. I hope you like lots of sisters and brothers.”ana

And so ends our first chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Switch your aspirations to get more reward points. Melody may have started with the Freelance Botanist, but when the Welcome Wagon came, I just paused and switched to Friend of the World. Want to tell some jokes? Switch to Joke Star. Do this with other activities to get those points.

With the Seasons pack, if you complete a holiday successfully, you get reward points. Create a holiday every day if you want. There are holidays on the calendar already, but have fun and create your own.

While pregnant, line up your next Donor Dads, so the minute your matriarch gets home from the hospital, and if there is room in the household, invite them over and get busy.











100 Baby Challenge # 2 – Sifting Through Clues

adam looking at reports.pngAdam Parker sat at his desk at the precinct trying to study the latest crime reports that popped up on his screen. But his mind kept drifting to the night before thinking about Melissa and Baby Amy. Maybe he was still on an emotional high because ever since he became involved in this case, his world seemed to revolve around Melissa. Taking her to the hospital when she was in labor, visiting her and Baby Amy when she had to stay in the hospital for a few days, and being invited over to dinner as a thank you for being there when he was and for the baby gift.

He was happy that everything turned out fine for Melissa and the Fengs. And that should be it. Right? She was their surrogate and now she would become someone else’s surrogate. End of story. The only time he should ever need to speak to her again was if there was any new evidence on her case. Right? So why did he have this urge to just call her up to say hi or to see how Amy was doing, or ask her if she’d like to have a picnic in the park, or if she’d like to….officer long.png“Parker….Parker…Earth to Parker!”

Adam came out of his daydream and realized that Detective Jonah Long was standing in front of his desk.

“Parker, I’ve been standing here a whole five minutes and you have been staring off into space,” Long said in exasperation. Officer Long had been the officer who had gone over to the Fengs’ apartment the first night to question the Fengs and Melissa.

“Umm…yah…just thinking about this case…” Adam mumbled a reply.murdock telling a joke.png“Oh right! More like thinking about a certain hottie named Melissa!” shouted Murdock and the other officers gave a hearty laugh.the chief.png At that moment, the Chief came out of his office, “Long…didn’t I tell you to get Parker and head over to that abandoned house on Freezer Bunny Way? And take that new recruit…what’s her name…oh yah, Jackson with you…who knows, she may find a clue since you two bright boys haven’t. And Murdock, I see you’re in a joking mood today, why don’t you take your funny self over to the fingerprinting area and get to work!”

A chorus of “Yes, Chief” filled the room, and Long grabbed Parker as they hurried out the door.long and parker chat.png“Who the heck is Jackson?” asked Adam.

“Well, she’s new, just graduated top of her class. Been in the Chief’s office every day pestering him about being part of a team on a case. Chief musta got tired of her, and just assigned her to us,” said Jonah shaking his head.

“Great…just what we need, another rookie. Does she have any fieldwork?” asked Adam hopefully.

“None whatsoever,” replied Jonah laughing, “but she may be getting her hands dirty with this one. Crime investigative team is still there and they haven’t uncovered any identifiable prints. That place is a mess. We might be spending our day dusting for prints.”griffin the new recruit.pngAs they rounded the corner, standing at the entrance was a young officer with a crisp uniform and polished boots.

Adam came up to her and shook her hand, “Officer Jackson, I presume.” After introductions were made, they walked over to Adam’s cruiser and headed to the crime scene.


talking to the investigative team.pngWhen Officers Parker, Long and Jackson arrived at the scene, Adam immediately went up to the officer in charge and asked if any other clues had been found. She shook her head no, and said that they had a lot of area to cover, and what made matters worse, was that the place was littered with debris to start with.

“We’ve had to sift through all the items in the closet over there and we haven’t even started on the front lawn area.”

“Mind if we look around?” asked Parker.

“Be my guest, we can use some help on this one.”

Adam went over to Officers Long and Jackson and said that they should work a grid line outside starting at the front near the sidewalk and working back towards the house. He also wanted any evidence photographed and documented. He handed them some gloves and told them to call him if they found anything. took an evidence picture.pngAdam went back inside and looked at the dirty floor in front of the fridge. He thought he detected something on the floor. He took a quick photo and then carefully picked it up and placed it in an evidence bag and labelled it.gotcha.png He then saw something on the floor and photographed it and placed it in another evidence bag. There was no telling if these items were here already or if they were left by the imposters. After going over other areas and dusting for prints, it was already afternoon and they hadn’t found one intact print.found a discarded to go cup.png Out on the lawn, Officer Long was calling Adam over. They had found something. A discarded to-go cup that had an intact fingerprint on it. Officer Jackson had spotted it and had taken a few shots. There were also some footprints near the wooden table.officer found a clue.png Officer Jackson showed him the photos. “Good work Jackson!” Adam was impressed by her thorough reporting. She may indeed be an asset to his team.ill get that analyzed as soon as possible.png“I’ll get that analyzed as soon as I get back to the precinct”, said Officer Long, “We’ll see if it matches anything in the database. May take a few days for a confirmation, though.”

“Call me the minute you have anything,” said Adam as they headed back towards the cruiser.

~~~~~~~~~~~he had a craving for grilled cheese.pngWhen Adam got home that night, he was mulling over the day’s events in his head. It was a slim chance, but this might be the clue they have been looking for as to the identity of the imposters. He could only hope. As he changed out of his uniform, his stomach growled, reminding him that he had skipped lunch. He had a sudden craving for grilled cheese, and although he made quite an excellent sandwich, it just didn’t taste the same as hers. Not the same as Melissa’s. Ah, yes, Melissa…why couldn’t he get her out of his head? There was no chance of him ever being matched with her. She had given up her right to be matched and chose the life of a surrogate. And he had given up the right to be matched and had chosen the life of a police officer. They lived in two separate worlds. not the same as melissas.png So, why couldn’t he stop thinking about her? What was so special about her? It’s not like he didn’t know other women. He knew lots of women, and he had even gone on a few dates. But no-one seemed to hold his interest. He hadn’t found a spark with any of them.

Maybe if he had met Melissa earlier, things might have been different. He thought about Melissa and her eyes and her smile and the way she cooed at Amy….just then his phone rang and it was ruby collins wondering if he was free tomorrow to come for dinnerHe was brought out of his reverie by his phone ringing. It was Ruby Collins wondering if he was free to come for a family dinner on Sunday night. She was making her famous apple pie so he just had to come and try some. Adam laughed and said that sure he would be there.smiling that melissa would be there.png As Adam hung up the phone, he smiled to himself at the thought of seeing the Collins family again, but even more so at the thought of seeing Melissa again.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Thank you to these simmers for their wonderful creations. In some cases, I have renamed the characters and changed traits. I wanted a diverse police squad and this is what I came up with.

police station.png

The Police Station where Adam Parker works. I changed this to residential and added a kitchen, and have all of the police force living there (except Adam Parker).

chief of police

Police Chief Walter Harden. Changed his hair color to grey. Nerd Brain, Active, Loves Outdoors, Genius.officer mary hunter


Officer Mary Hunter. Angling Ace. Glutton, Non-Committal, Slob.

Officer Pedro Gonzales

Officer Pedro Gonzales. Friend of the Animals. Loves Outdoors, Outgoing, Self-Assured. In charge of the K-9 unit.

cop and llama.png

Officers Sierra Moss and Dave Richardson. These two are undercover officers. Sierra: Renaissance Sim, Self-Assured, Ambitious, Active. Dave: Bodybuilder, Athletic, Hot-headed, Erratic.

officer murdock.png

Only 1 sim used. Second from right. Officer Owen Murdock. Bodybuilder, Athletic, Romantic, Goofball.

police duo.png

Officers Jonah Long and Kerry Jackson were made by me. Both are random sims.  Jonah: Computer Whiz, Neat, Perfectionist, Genius. Kerry: Bestselling Author, Athletic, Clumsy, Cheerful. adam parker bioAnd of course, Officer Adam Parker. Another random sim that I created. He lives in Agave Abode in Oasis Springs. Friend of the World, Family-Oriented, Good, Loves Outdoors.