100 Baby Challenge # 2 – Melissa Collins – House Hunting

getting a call from victor feng.pngAlexa Valle was no ordinary real estate agent. With her multi-listing homes and multi-million simoleon sales, Alexa was one of the most sought after real estate agents in San Myshuno. She had the knack for matching her clients’ requests with the perfect house. So, when Alexa Valle got a call from Victor Feng, she couldn’t believe her luck. Victor Feng was a political representative and his wife was a CEO in San Myshuno. Alexa had a thrill go through her just knowing that he wanted to use her exclusively to find a house. She was already thinking of expensive listings for him and calculating the commission she would receive. When he told her the budget she had to work with, she almost dropped her phone.a few listings.png“Mr. Feng, I can’t possibly find you and Lily a house for that amount. You live at an exclusive address now in the Landgraab apartments and I have some listings that would make you the envy of everyone in town…”Alexa said as she pulled up some listings on her computer.

“Alexa, I know you are an important real estate agent and have many listings available, but the house is not for Lily and I. It is for our new surrogate. She doesn’t have a lot of simoleons to work with and she needs it right away. So naturally I want only the best for her and your name came to mind. I would certainly be willing to more than compensate you for your time and expertise.” Victor replied.listings of properties.png“More than compensate, Mr. Feng?”, asked Lily, looking around her office at the listings on the wall.

“Alexa, please call me Victor. Would you say that double your normal commission would be fair?” Victor questioned.

“Oh Mr….I mean, Victor…I think that would be a suitable compensation. I am, afterall, thinking of expanding my offices.” Alexa slyly added.

“I do have certain criteria that I would want met, and of course, it must be kept confidential.” Victor said confidently.

“Oh Victor, of course….and I would be happy to make sure they are all met….” Alexa replied almost purring into the phone. After a lengthy conversation where she jotted down several notes, she hung up.alicia bring those files in here now.pngThat was a few night’s ago and Victor had already sent a few rich clients her way. Well, she better get working on this listing as she was meeting this new surrogate this morning. Alexa glanced at her computer screen with the million simoleon listings and with a sigh closed that tab. She looked through the file folders on her desk, but shook her head. These wouldn’t do. She wanted Victor to be happy with her choice. If he was happy, it would mean more clients. More commissions. More simoleons.

Alexa buzzed her intercom, “Jessica, bring in the budget listing file. Yes, I want THAT file. Well, find it and bring it in here NOW!” Alexa shook her head at the incompetence of some of the staff. No wonder she had to do everything herself.


she was pregnant.pngMelissa was up bright and early the next morning. She had hardly slept at all last night thinking about her time at the clinic and waiting until she could take the pregnancy test. And when she did….eureka….she was pregnant! The Fengs would be so happy when she told them. i have some news for you.pngMelissa quickly went downstairs and called the Fengs’ number and told them the good news. They were ecstatic and couldn’t wait to see her. In fact, Lily wanted to go maternity clothes shopping with her tomorrow and arranged a time for when a car would pick Melissa up.told her mother the good news.pngMelissa saw her mother standing in the library and she went over to share the news with her. Melissa wasn’t sure how she would react, but Ruby was overjoyed.They sat down together at the table and Melissa told her mother that she would be looking at some houses with the Fengs’ real estate agent today. Her mother was saddened to hear this, but she knew the rules of a surrogate dictated that a surrogate must live in their own house. Ruby hoped that Melissa could find a house close by so they could visit each other often. youll have the children longer.pngMelissa also told her mother about the contract she had signed with the Fengs. At first, Ruby thought it was a bit strange, but then her face lit up and she said that the Fengs were indeed smart. They knew they wouldn’t have time to care for a child with their busy schedules and knew that Melissa would do a wonderful job. And if the surrogate agency had approved it, then it most certainly was fine.

“And you get to keep the baby longer, Melissa. Watch the baby grow up to a young adult. How wonderful! And any time you need help, you know I will be there to help you. Oh this is indeed exciting news!”

Ruby gave her daughter a hug and they finished eating breakfast together. Ruby talked non-stop about all the things that Melissa would need for the baby. Ruby also suggested that Melissa start a new mother’s group with other new mothers in the neighborhood, just like Ruby had so long ago.

After breakfast, Melissa hurried off to get ready as Alexa Valle, the real estate agent, was picking her up shortly for their tour of houses.


1st property.pngAlexa Valle had several properties to show Melissa and the first was in Willow Creek. Situated near the waterway, it was a modular home with two-bedrooms that was a mere $13,663 simoleons.enthusing about house.pngMelissa toured the house as Alexa talked non-stop about the eat-in kitchen, nearby park with walking trails and lovely view of the creek. Melissa thought it was nice, but maybe a bit small.

“You’re so right, Melissa, this is just not the property for you.” said Alexa trying to mask her irritation. Apparently this was going to take a bit longer than Alexa thought it would.windenberg.pngThe next property they went to was in Windenburg, a lovely 2-bedroom Tudor-style house on a secluded lot.

“Lots of room to expand here and lots of wide open space for those children to wander around in,” exclaimed Alexa, “And a bargain for only $15,404 simoleons.”near the water.pngAlexa brought Melissa to a small picnic area with a waterfall that was close to the house. “Isn’t this so beautiful? asked Alexa, “Imagine coming here with the children. The air is so clean, the view is marvelous….”

Melissa did like the house and the park was very convenient. But it wasn’t Newcrest. She would be away from her family.

“Melissa, not a problem at all, we shall concentrate on properties in Newcrest,” Alexa said while crossing off several properties on her list with a flourish. Alexa couldn’t believe that Melissa would pass up this prime property. Luckily Alexa had another buyer who was viewing this exact same house tomorrow.combo living area.pngWhen they arrived at the next house, Melissa held her breath. It was beautiful. It was a 2-bedroom ranch just on the other side of Newcrest. There was a combo living and kitchen area. It even had a fireplace.

Alexa told her that it was a bit of a fixer-upper and it was on the market for a very low price of $17,609 simoleons.but the best part of all.pngAlexa brought Melissa to the back yard. Melissa couldn’t believe it. A fenced back yard!  It was spacious. Alexa told Melissa that there was a park across the street and not too far away was a children’s playground.

Alexa knew she could clinch the deal on this house, she was almost sure of it. But then Melissa enquired if Alexa had any 3-bedroom listings. Melissa liked the house, but she really needed more bedrooms

“I have another property to show you, Melissa. It’s a bit secluded on the north side of Newcrest, but I think you will really like it.” Alexa said hiding her disappointment. But the more Alexa thought about it, the more she was positive that the next house would meet all of Melissa and Victor’s requirements.when they pulled up to the next house.pngWhen Melissa stepped out of the car, all she saw was flowers. The whole front yard was covered with flowers. And there was even a fishing pond on the lot. Melissa was excited even before she looked inside.she saw them the garden planters.pngAs Melissa walked up the walkway, she saw two garden planters. “Good things come from the earth”, echoed in Melissa’s ears. It was something her mother was always saying. This was a sign.kitchen area 100 baby.pngAlexa went on to tell Melissa that it had 3-bedrooms, a park and playground nearby, good schools….the baby room 1.pngAs they wandered through the house, Alexa made sure that Melissa saw the baby room….

“…all this for only $19,878 simoleons!” enthused Alexa. Melissa sighed. It was almost all the simoleons she had.as melissa looked at the backyard, she knew this was the place for her.pngAnd as Melissa went out to the backyard, Melissa thought that this was indeed her perfect house.ill take it.pngAnd so without hesitation, Melissa told Alexa that she would buy the house. Alexa was happy and knew that Victor would be more than happy with this house, too.

“Of course, Melissa, we need the place cleaned, and I noticed there were some loose tiles in the bathroom, and a stain on the carpet in the bedroom, all that has to be fixed. The Fengs wouldn’t want it any other way. When the house is ready, I will call you and you can come to my office and we will sign the papers. Congratulations Melissa, I am sure you will be very happy here.”Alexa calling Victor.pngMelissa headed out the front door to admire the garden again, and Alexa told her she would be right out, but just had to use the restroom first. When the front door closed, Alexa made a quick call.

“Victor…yes, she made up her mind…she’s in Newcrest…yes….I know her family lives here….but she is on the other side…a rather secluded lot. Yes….very secluded….the only house around. I told her I would call her when the house was ready. Oh really? Oh yes, I have many listings in San Myshuno…all apartments….so convenient…certainly, I can wait a day or two. Spare keys? …of course…all arranged. And the other matter of the security cameras…she’ll never know they are here….”


* * * * *

Many thanks to the simmers who made these creations:

alexas office.png

Alexa Valle’s real estate office. This is a room.

family starter.png

The first house they toured in Newcrest. The other two were in-game houses by Maxis, Crick Cabana in Willow Creek and Rustic Residence in Windenburg.

pond starter.png

Melissa’s new house. I expanded the kitchen and kids’ room and added a small fenced backyard. Built on Asphalt Abodes ($2,000 simoleon lot) in Newcrest. I was torn between the last 2 houses, but decided on the latter one as it had a pond and it could be easily expanded. I didn’t have some of the packs used in the other build, and items were missing when it was downloaded (like toilet, bath, sink, and wallpaper).

100 Baby Challenge # 2 & Wonder Child Challenge – Background Notes On The Society

My 100 Baby Challenge # 2 is a spin-off of my Wonder Child Challenge. Both take place in a futuristic, dystopian society. To better understand their society, I have outlined what it is like.


A war raged and sims were affected by the “blasts”. Newcrest and some other outlying cities were not affected by these “blasts”. The “blasts” made most of the sim population unable to have children. They are sterile.

To help re-populate the sim world, an agency composed of scientists developed a method for testing sims. The head of this agency is the Director of Scientists. Once a sim reaches young adulthood they are tested to determine if they are sterile or fertile. If they are  fertile, they are “banded” with a tattoo and they are known as a “chosen one”. The scientists then “match” random fertile sims together to have children. Sims do not have a choice to be matched with anyone, as the scientists have all the control. Scientists conduct computer-generated matching and this is how it is determined. Sims who are matched are each others “chosen one”.  Fertile sims normally have dark hair and eyes, but some have unusual traits, such as red or blonde hair. Sims with unusual traits, are very prized in the city.

In the Wonder Child Challenge, adult fertile sims are “matched” together by the scientists to produce a wonder child, which is the first born of the couple. As per the rules, they reside in Newcrest. As children are prized in this society, every whim and want of the child must be granted, and when the child reaches young adulthood, their score is tallied and it is determined if this child is the best Wonder Child yet. As a reward, the parents are made Ambassadors in the city.

For sterile couples or for couples who are “chosen ones” but can’t seem to have children, there is another way to have a child. There is an agency, called the surrogacy agency, which is a division of the same agency as above composed of scientists. Surrogates are fertile female sims who give up their right to be a “chosen one”, wear a designated surrogate dress and necklace. They are bound to the surrogacy agency by a contract. (They could be fertile male sims, too, but for the 100 Baby Challenge, they are female). They are very esteemed in the city in which they live and must live in their own house. (as per the 100 Baby Challenge rules, they start with $20K simoleons). The surrogacy agency matches a surrogate with a sterile couple and the surrogate (in a laboratory setting), produces a child for them. As part of the surrogate contract, when the baby is born, the sterile couple is given the child to raise as their own. A surrogate must bear children for different couples, and cannot bear more than one child (or twins or triplets), for the same couple twice. It is advantageous to have a surrogate in your city, as they offer parenting advice and are often trained as midwives and holistic healers.

Babies, children and teens are a rare occurrence and treated with the utmost care. Their every whim is catered to. When a baby is born, the whole city rejoices and normally there is much fanfare. It is unusual for a single sim to raise a child by themselves. In certain cases, if a single sim has the financial ability to raise a child themselves, or in the case of a surrogate, has the financial backing of a wealthy couple, then it is approved.

Not all sims have been tested by the scientists as a lot of sims still reside in the Wasteland. Teams of scientists travel to the Wasteland to try to find young adult sims who do not bear the tattoo and bring them in for testing. The Wasteland was the hardest hit by the blasts and is a barren expanse. Many of the survivors there band together in a colony. Their shelters are made from scavenged and found materials, but most are open to the elements. There is much hardship in the Wasteland, with little water and food. Most of the sims who live in the Wasteland are sterile, but not all.

As with any dystopian society, there is corruption, power and greed. Sometimes, knowing someone in power and calling in a favor, or simoleons changing hands, or other deeds, will grant a “chosen one” the fertile sim of his or her choice. Couples who neglect their child will have the child taken away from them by social services. They are then banished to the Wasteland for their neglect. Rumors run rampant in this society, and no-one really knows what is truth or fiction. It has been rumored that some fertile sims have been banished to the Wasteland when they do not produce a child. Rumors have been spread that some sterile couples are using multiple surrogates from the surrogacy agency in order to have as many children as possible. Other rumors are heard about wealthy sterile couples drawing up special contracts with their surrogate.

In the 100 Baby Challenge, Melissa Collins, our matriarch, is a surrogate who has a contract with the surrogacy agency. The surrogacy agency matches her with sterile couples who want to have a child. Pregnancy happens in a lab. Her first match is with the Fengs, who are a wealthy sterile couple, and she enters into a special contract with them to keep their children until the children reach young adulthood.

And so our story begins…


100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Clinic Visit

melissa couldn't wait to tell everyone.pngThe next morning over breakfast, Melissa recounted what had transpired in her interview with the Fengs last night.i am going today.pngShe was so excited to tell everyone that she had been hired by the Fengs and that they had researched her and the donor and even had a “family album” of what their children might look like.

“And they picked me because I was a twin. They are so hoping that I become pregnant with twins or triplets, but, of course, no one can guarantee that will happen,” Melissa told them.i am so proud of you.pngMelissa told Reagan that Lily was going to go maternity clothes shopping with her and they were even hosting a party in her honor. Reagan thought that this was very exciting.it souns wonderful melissa.pngRuby told Melissa that the Fengs sounded like a wonderful, caring couple and Melissa was lucky to have been matched with them by the agency.

Melissa heartily agreed and was just about to tell her mother about the special contract she had with the Fengs, when there was a knock on the door. Her private car had arrived to take her to the spa.spa and clinic.pngIt was the same driver as the day before and as she settled herself in the backseat, her cell phone rang. It was Lily.

“Melissa, dear, I just wanted to call you before I headed off to work to wish you luck. And to let you know that I have arranged for you to go to a private spa. When you get there, you will agree, it is superb. It is smaller than the one you have in Newcrest, but it is more intimate and they cater to only the best clients. And, this is such an important day for us that I wanted you to have the best care. Plus, the fertility clinic is right in back of the spa, so you don’t even have to leave the facility to go somewhere else. Everything is just perfectly located,” explained Lily.

“Oh my! Thank you, Lily. I wasn’t expecting this,” exclaimed Melissa in surprise.

“No expenses spared, Melissa, just enjoy yourself,” Lily said as she rang off.

Melissa leaned back in the plush seat and smiled to herself. What a wonderful start to her day.very pretty.pngThe drive didn’t take too long, and when she stepped out of the car, she couldn’t believe how beautiful the place looked. It was small, but the spa was surrounded by trees and  flowers were blooming. It really was a lovely spa.phone rang it was lily.pngWhile Melissa was admiring the view, her cell rang again. It was Victor.

“Melissa, I wanted to ensure that you made it to the clinic alright,” Victor said.

“Oh yes, it’s so beautiful. I just arrived,” replied Melissa.

“Excellent. I may stop by later today as I have some business to attend to at the clinic. But if I don’t see you, Melissa, enjoy your day,” said Victor.

“Oh, I will, and thank you again,” replied Melissa quickly.

As Melissa hung up, she was thinking how nice it was for the Fengs to have called to ensure she was doing fine.a smaller spa but just so wonderful.pngShe entered the front door, and a massage therapist was just lighting some candles in one of the massage rooms. She smiled at Melissa and called her by name and told her that Lily Feng had called to let them know Melissa was their new surrogate. They were expecting her and had her day planned.

Clementine, the masseuse, asked Melissa to sit down and together they went over what her day would consist of. Clementine had prepared an herbal fertility tea which she offered to Melissa. Melissa sipped it slowly and Clementine told her that it would enhance Melissa’s chances of becoming pregnant. When they were done, Clementine told Melissa that in the next room were the change rooms and restrooms, and they would begin her day with some stretching exercises.victor was there was the spa.pngAs Melissa went down the hall, she heard a voice behind her. It was Victor!

“Melissa, I’m so happy to see you. My business concluded sooner than I had thought and I decided to see if you had started your day as yet,” Victor said.

“Oh, Victor, hi! I was just on my way to the change-room,” Melissa responded.

“I won’t keep you then. I just wanted to tell you again how Lily and I are both so grateful for being matched with you. This means a lot to both of us,” Victor said looking at her intently.

Melissa nodded her head and smiled at Victor as they said their goodbyes and he headed out the door.loosen upMelissa quickly changed and headed to the yoga mats and was led through a series of energy-centering stretching exercises.dominic fryesAfterwards, she headed to the steam room and met Dominic Fyres from Windenburg. They both relaxed and chatted amicably. Dominic chatted about his two daughters, and how different each of them was.  As he had to head off to a club meeting, he bid her farewell. Almost at the same moment, Clementine opened the door and said that it was time for Melissa’s fertility massage.all worth while.pngA different masseuse, Jordan, was going to be giving her the massage. Jordan had been specifically reserved by Lily and only gave elite members massages. Melissa had never had such a wonderful, relaxing massage and was so happy that Lily had booked Jordan. They certainly didn’t have a masseuse like Jordan back in Newcrest.private spa.pngOnce her massage was finished, Jordan told Melissa that she was to head to the spa lounge until they were ready for her in the clinic. chatting with mason before treatment.pngMelissa entered the lounge and was greeted by Mason, who had a pink drink waiting for her which he called Cupid Juice. Mason assured her that the wait would not be long, but if she was hungry there was a table stocked with some appetizers. Melissa looked over at the inviting array of food including some heart shaped cookies, apple slices and strawberries.

As Melissa nibbled on some strawberries and apple slices, she looked around the room. Behind her was a loveseat in front of a fireplace. Over the fireplace, a tv was switched on the romance channel, and a stereo was playing softly in a corner. There was also a small table for two in the other corner. It all seemed so romantic.waiting area.pngMason removed her empty glass and made her another drink. Melissa thought that these drinks were so good. She had never tasted anything like them before. They made her feel very flirty.

Just as she finished her second drink, Clementine came to get her and bring her to the clinic.i am going to prescribe some vitamins for you.pngInside the clinic, the doctor asked her a series of questions and examined her. He told her she was very healthy and that she was at a prime time to become pregnant. He explained the procedure to her and asked her to lay down on an examining table. He then went over to a refrigerated cabinet and removed a test tube vial.doctor told her he would let her rest.pngOnce the procedure was finished, the doctor prescribed some vitamins for her, gave her a pregnancy test kit and instructed Melissa to take the test in the morning. If the test was negative, she could come back in a few days. He shook her hand and wished her good luck. Melissa then headed to the change room to dress.it was quite late.pngIt was dark when she left the spa and her private car was waiting to take her home. As she was walking towards the car, her cell phone rang. It was the Feng’s real estate agent enquiring if Melissa was free tomorrow to view the houses. After they arranged a time to meet, the driver opened the car door and helped her inside. As Melissa sunk into the plush seat in the backseat, Melissa hoped that the procedure was successful and that she would have good news for the Fengs in the morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at the Feng’s apartment…

oh this is exciting.png

“Lily, I just got the e-mail from the doctor and Melissa has just left the facility. He is almost certain she will have a positive result in the morning.” said Victor excitedly.

who is next.png“Victor, that is good news! But let’s wait until tomorrow to ensure Melissa is definitely pregnant. You know it’s not the first time those doctors have been wrong. Of course, we will act surprised when she tells us.” Lily said.

“I have a very good feeling this time, Lily. I do believe Melissa is the one we have been looking for.” replied Victor.

“I feel it too, Victor, but I will feel more excited when I know for sure she is expecting. You do remember what happened in the past….” said Lily trailing off in mid-sentence.

“Yes, Lily, that’s true….we will wait for the morning.” Victor said nodding his head.so devious.png“Victor, on the other matter, while you were at the clinic, did you have a chance to transfer those test tube vials?”, Lily questioned.

“For Donor 526347222? Of course, they are being transferred to our facility today. Six test tube vials in total,” replied Victor.

Lily gave Victor a secret smile and sighed contentedly, “Excellent, Victor, just excellent.”

* * * * *

Many thanks to the simmers who made these builds. The Corner Wellness Center and Doctor’s Office Hospital were combined in the build as well as a lounge that I created.



Doctor’s Office Hospital is a room.

doctors office.png

Wonder Child Challenge/100 Baby Challenge #2 – Melissa Collins – Couples Meeting

melissa getting a massage.pngMelissa Collins lay on the massage table and let the masseuse’s hands work out the knot in her neck. She tried to relax, but she kept thinking of what she was about to do. It was her choice, and she shouldn’t be as stressed as she was. But her mother’s words were haunting her. Even though her mother had seemed pleased that she had chosen to be a surrogate, it seemed that at every chance she got, her mother tried to talk her out of it.are you sure melissa.pngMelissa thought of their conversation this morning….

Are you sure this is what you want to do Melissa? You will be giving up your rights to be matched with someone. These babies you have…they will not be yours. The couple that you are matched with will take them away. You might never see them again. It will be hard on you. I have worked with other women who had lost their child, or a child had been taken away, and they were sad for a very long time. Some never got over it. I know that a surrogate is a high ranking position in the community and your desire to help sterile couples is admirable, but don’t you want a child of your own, Melissa? To be matched with someone who will care about you? Perhaps we can undo this before it begins…,” said Ruby.yes mother i am sure.png“Mother, I know that you and father had true love, but being matched with someone isn’t always like that. You were lucky. But don’t you see, mother, I want to help couples who can’t have a child of their own. That for some reason, they are sterile or unable to have a child, but still want a child. I want to help them, mother, so they aren’t shunned from society anymore. I plan on having many babies. Please be happy for me mother.”

“Alright, Melissa, if it is truly what you want, I will be happy,” sighed Ruby as she gave her daughter a hug.matched today.pngMelissa was jolted back to reality as her cell phone rang. She quickly looked and saw that it was from the surrogate agency. She sat up and excused herself to take the call and found out that she had been matched with a couple. She had just become a young adult, and she had been matched already! She hadn’t even had a chance to move into her own place yet, which was a requirement of being a surrogate.

Melissa listened carefully and learned that the couple wanted to meet her this afternoon! When she hung up, Melissa decided she had better head back home. She needed to get ready. She wanted to make a good impression.Melissa visiting the Fengs.pngThe car came precisely at 2pm and she was told she was going to San Myshuno to meet with Lily and Victor Feng. Melissa had never been to San Myshuno before and when she arrived at the apartment building, she was amazed at how tall it was. She even had to take an elevator to get to their apartment.felt like she was on top of the clouds.pngShe knocked on the door and it was immediately opened by a butler who led her to the dining room. Melissa looked around and it was an immaculate well-furnished apartment. She looked out the window and the view was breath taking. She felt like she was in the clouds.meeting lily feng.pngLily Feng was waiting for Melissa in the living room and told her that her husband would be home soon. Lily looked Melissa up and down and saw that Melissa had worn the traditional surrogate dress and necklace. Every surrogate wore the same traditional dress to honor them as a surrogate. Lily noted the fertility band on her arm and asked Melissa to sit down.

Melissa sat on the couch next to Lily and Lily pulled out a small tablet and started asking Melissa several questions, such as if she had ever been pregnant, if she was in a relationship with anyone and if any other couple had been matched with her. It was sometimes common that several couples would be matched with the surrogate. Melissa answered no to all the questions, and Lily seemed pleased.

Lily explained to Melissa that she and her husband were quite well-off and had concentrated on their careers, but now needed an heir to take over the family business in San Myshuno. Unfortunately, Lily and her husband were both sterile.

Lily told Melissa that they were very particular on who they chose, because heirs were very important to Lily and Victor. That is why they were specifically interested in Melissa. Not only was her mother an Ambassador, but Melissa herself was a twin and they would be extremely pleased if Melissa would produce a multiple birth for them. Lily said she wanted a lot of heirs so that they could run the business in various locations. In fact, Lily said that she and her husband were willing to pay Melissa double or triple if she had twins or triplets.kind of weird just meeting lily.pngMelissa was a bit taken aback by Lily’s frank discussion. Melissa never expected the conversation to go like this and felt a bit awkward speaking to Lily. Just then, Melissa heard the apartment door open, and in walked Victor Feng.melissa was a good choice.pngVictor walked into the living room and gave Melissa a quick glance and then turned to his wife and conversed with her momentarily.

“Lily,” Victor exclaimed, “She is superb. Just what we were looking for. You certainly have done your research my dear.” Lily nodded her head in agreement.very well off.pngVictor shook Melissa’s hand and gave her an appreciative look. He sat down and told Melissa that they had interviewed several other surrogates, but none had the potential that Melissa did.

“So, this would be your first pregnancy, Melissa?” Victor questioned, “Because we really want our heir to be the first born of a surrogate. And it would be even more wonderful if you could produce multiple heirs for us.”

Lily interjected, “Victor, I have gone over those requirements and she has passed them all.” Lily turned to Melissa, “Victor always wants to be hands-on in everything, but this time I have done the research. Not only have I researched all the surrogates, but also the donors. And, I just wanted to tell you that your genes, Melissa, coupled with the donor genes, will be truly amazing. We even have pictures of how the children could look like. Of course, this will all be done in the lab, but exciting none-the-less.”


As Lily showed Melissa the “family album”, Melissa thought that everything sounded too good to be true. Here was a couple that had obviously wanted a child so much that they had done research on the donors and surrogates and how their linked genetics would turn out. It was impressive.

“Did you tell her about the stipulation, Lily?” Victor questioned.

“Well, not just yet, Victor, I was getting to it,” explained Lily.

Melissa wondered what they were talking about and quietly asked, “What stipulation?”we will pay more if you have more than 1 child.pngVictor came and sat down beside her and explained that because of their careers, they couldn’t devote the time it took to nurture a child through the baby, toddler and teen years, so they wanted Melissa to look after the child until the child was a young adult. At that time, Lily and Victor would be ready to train their heir to take over the business.

“But, that is not part of the surrogate agency agreement. I am to have a child and then the couple collects the child and raises the child themselves,” said Melissa confused.victor and melissa.pngVictor patted Melissa’s hand, “Well, yes, you are right. But this would be a “special arrangement” just between you and Lily and I. We have already discussed it with the surrogate agency and they were quite open to the suggestion. Lily and I were hoping that a smart, young sim like yourself, would also be open to this option.” Victor said evenly.

“Of course, the heir would need to be versed in several skills, so we would pay for the best schools for the child, anything you needed, we would provide.” Lily said.

Melissa looked at Lily and Victor. They both seemed to have that expectant look on their faces like they were waiting for her to answer. The butler appeared again in the living room and announced that dinner was served.let us have some dinner and discuss it more.pngVictor and Lily asked Melissa to join them for dinner so that they could continue their conversation. They were very interested in Melissa and wished to have the contract signed tonight. Melissa thought about it as she savored the delicious dinner.

Victor continued to ask Melissa questions about where she lived and found out that Melissa still lived at home and hadn’t had a chance to even look for a place yet. Melissa confessed that she couldn’t really afford very much. Victor and Lily looked at each other across the table and shared a secret smile.they talked some more and Melissa said yes.pngLily turned to Melissa and said that if Melissa signed the contact with them tonight, that they would give her a retainer of $20K simoleons up-front. Just a small token to show their appreciation to her.

Melissa thought about this and realized that with those simoleons, she would be able to buy herself a small house.

Victor continued, “Melissa, you can be assured that we are taking this very seriously. Lily and I feel that you are the perfect choice for us. We, would, of course, come to visit to see how everything is going. Lily and I want to be an integral part of the heir’s up-bringing. We would be there to support you every step of the way. We will give you a few moments to think about it, but we would like a decision tonight. If your answer is no, then we can continue to look for another surrogate, but if it is yes, we would want you to get started right away. Sometimes, these procedures don’t work the first time.”thinking.pngVictor and Lily rose from the table and walked to the living room area. Melissa  remained at the table wondering what she should do. The agreement was certainly different from what she had expected. But, Lily and Victor seemed sincere and they were even going to pay her $20K up-front, and she wasn’t even pregnant yet. Melissa wished she had time to think about this, but they wanted an answer now. yes i will do it.pngVictor walked back into the kitchen and Melissa stood up when he entered.

“Melissa, I understand that you have concerns, but we are very anxious for this to happen with you. Lily and I feel very comfortable around you and I think this would be a wise choice on your part, as well. I know that it is unusual for us not to raise the child ourselves, but with our busy careers, the child would be with a nanny or babysitter, and that is not what we want. We want someone who can truly nurture our heir. Lily and I feel that you are the one who can do that. What is your decision, Melissa…will you become our surrogate?” asked Victor.yes i will do it again.pngMelissa looked at Victor smiling at her and nodded her head yes.

“Yes,” Melissa said, “Yes, I’ll do it.”how soon can you have the child.pngLily had heard the conversation and came running in the kitchen clapping her hands.

“Victor”, Lily said, “Go and get the contract!” Lily turned to the butler, “Paxton, fix us some drinks. It’s time to celebrate!”

Melissa sat down at the table with the contract in front of her. She had wanted to read it, but Victor told her it was just a standard contract similar to the one the surrogate agency provided, but just with the additional clause of Melissa raising the child until they were a young adult. Melissa took the pen that Victor held out to her and signed her name. As soon as she had, Lily whipped the contract from the table and handed it back to Victor.

“It’s settled then. You are the best fit for our needs. How soon can you have the child? We would want to start the procedure right away. I will schedule your fertility massage for tomorrow morning followed with an appointment at the clinic. Please take the pregnancy test immediately and call us to tell us either way. In fact, when you know, please come over to tell us in person.” Lily stated.

Suddenly, Victor and Lily were talking at once, making appointments for Melissa, telling her that she was their greatest asset, exchanging cell phone numbers, Lily telling Melissa that they would go maternity shopping together, telling her that they would be planning a party for her, on and on…it was mind-boggling.you have made us very happy.pngVictor came over and gave Melissa a hug and handed her an envelope, “As promised, $20K simoleons and I have called my real estate agent who has several properties. She will call you tomorrow so that you can set a time to tour the houses.”melissa would get the fertility massage tomorrow.pngLily escorted Melissa to the front door and gave her hand a squeeze and told her to get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be a big day.do you think she suspects anything else.pngAs Lily closed the door behind Melissa, she turned to Victor, “Do you think she suspects anything?”

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Melissa Collins will be featured in a spin-off challenge, the 100 Baby Challenge #2. The $20,000 simoleons is the starting fund that a single sim starts with.

The Sims Wiki

Victor Feng is in the political career as a Representative, and Lily Feng is in the Business Career-Management as a CEO.

The Feng family is a pre-made family from The Sims 4: City Living, residing in San Myshuno. They live in the Landgraab Apartments in Uptown. Lily and Victor are ambitious, wealthy and powerful, and are planning to take over San Myshuno.

Survive the Insanity – Vote – Lot Traits for Dinner Party

Hi Everyone. So, on Thursday, Louis is having a House Party. Apparently, only 12 sims can be invited to the party. The members of the Happy Hollow Asylum will all be there, and Viviana from The Circle Asylum. But who else? Only 3 more can be invited.

So, I leave it up to you, dear readers, to decide who else should be invited. Poll will be open for a week. Thanks so much 🙂

Addendum – apparently 15 sims can come to a house party, so everyone from The Circle Asylum will be invited. So, instead, let’s vote on the lot traits for Thursday’s dinner party.


Vote Here







Wonder Child Challenge – Baby News

she felt butterflies in her stomach.pngIt was still the middle of the night when Kyla crept to the bathroom. She had been tossing and turning most of the night wondering. And she just couldn’t wait anymore. She had to know.

Carefully closing the bathroom door, she pulled out the pregnancy kit that her masseuse had given her. So many thoughts were filling her mind. Worries, hopes, dreams. But she did know one thing. Terence loved her. He truly did. Terence had been so thoughtful last night, by bringing the table and chairs outside for their dinner knowing that she liked the outdoors. But, the best thing he had said was that he would go to the Wasteland with her if she didn’t become pregnant. That had made all the difference in the world to her. wishing a wish.pngKyla thought about last night and smiled wistfully. Yes, Terence was a good sim, and was very kind to her. Kyla just knew he would never leave her. They were going to be together, no matter what. So, Kyla had nothing to lose and everything to gain. If she wasn’t pregnant, she would just tell Terence and they would try for a baby again. Kyla closed her eyes and wished a silent wish and took the pregnancy test. she was preggers.pngShe checked twice and there was no mistaking it. Yes, indeedy, she was pregnant! A wave of happiness swept over her and she wanted to shout it out at the top of her lungs. “I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant!” But the first person she wanted to tell was Terence. She opened the bathroom door and ran into the bedroom.im pregnant.pngKyla opened the door to the bedroom and saw that Terence was still asleep. She just couldn’t wait until morning to tell him. She couldn’t go back to sleep, she just had to tell him now. “Terence, Terence, wake up! I have some exciting news! Terence, I’m pregnant. We’re pregnant. We did it!” Kyla said enthusiastically.very happy to be preggers.pngTerence opened his eyes groggily, but when he heard the word pregnant, he almost jumped out of bed.yes i am goin to be a dad.png“Oh my gosh, Kyla, is it true? Are you really pregnant? We’re going to have a baby. We’re going to be parents. I’m going to be a father!” Terence could hardly believe it. He was even more excited about the news than Kyla.kyla come here.pngTerence got up and walked over to where Kyla was and told her she looked radiant.they sat on the bed together.pngThey sat down on the bed together, and Kyla was just chatting on about what they would name the baby. A girl? A boy? Kyla was just so happy.

Terence had thought of names, too, but as he had already told Kyla, it didn’t matter to him whether it was a girl or a boy. They would talk about baby names a bit later, but for now, he just wanted to take Kyla in his arms and kiss her. Just seeing her so happy made him happy, too.i love her so much.pngTerence wondered if Kyla knew how truly in love with her he was. He hadn’t said the words out loud yet, but soon, soon, he would tell her. He didn’t want to scare her with his emotions for her, but surely she knew how he felt about her. Terence knew in his heart that Kyla was the only one for him. His life wouldn’t be the same without her. She gave his life meaning. And together, they were going to have a child. A child! Something he had hoped for all his life. Maybe even the most celebrated wonder child in Newcrest.

But he wasn’t thinking about that right now. All he thought about was Kyla and her sweet lips on his.

“Kyla,” Terence whispered in her ear, “Let’s celebrate…”

“Mmm…..oh yes, let’s….” was Kyla’s answer back, “yes…let’s try for a baby again…”

Terence looked at Kyla not understanding what she meant, “But, Kyla, you’re already pregnant…”

“Yes, I know…”, Kyla winked at him and grabbed Terence and pulled him down onto the bed beside her.

As Terence held Kyla in his arms, he thought that this sure beat the celebration breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon he was planning…..!!!love to love you baby.png

* * * * *





Wonder Child Challenge – Who is Ruby Collins?

If you live in Newcrest, you are bound to be welcomed to the city by Ruby Collins and her family. She normally comes to visit and brings a gift of heirloom seeds, so that you can start a garden.

But who is she and why do sims hold her in such awe? Ruby Collins is one of the most respected sims in Newcrest. Not only is she a midwife who has delivered dozens of babies, but she is also a parental adviser and holistic healer.

Now that is very wonderful, but the real reason she is so revered is that her son, Martin, is the most successful wonder child in Newcrest. Yes, it’s true. And she didn’t just have one child, oh no, not Ruby, she had twins and raised them herself without any help from a “chosen one”. It was unheard of and caused such controversy in Newcrest, that her children were nearly taken away from her.

Ah….but let us start at the beginning, so that you will know her story, too…ruby collins as a young adult.pngRuby Collins lived in a city that now no longer exists. Her friends and family are all gone. The city itself was disintegrated by the blasts that plagued the world around her.the blasts came without warning.pngThe blasts came without warning, and Ruby was caught in the open. There was nowhere she could run for shelter.she couldn't outrun them.pngShe thought she could outrun the blasts, but she was wrong.badly burned.pngShe was hit directly by one of the blasts and she caught on fire.a brave scientist came and rescued her.pngA brave doctor, from Newcrest, was running to help some other fallen sims and saw her distress. If it hadn’t been for his quick action, she may have died.she was wounded.pngBadly burned and shaken from the blasts, Ruby collapsed to the ground unconscious. The brave doctor lifted her up into his arms and carried her to a waiting school bus. The school bus acted as a transport for the wounded, and with so many on-board, it left the city before the massive explosion rocked the city into oblivion.brought to a hospital.pngThe doctor brought her to a small clinic on the outskirts of Newcrest. There, Ruby stayed for several weeks remaining unconscious. many sims were injured in the blasts and he was well respected.pngEven though the clinic was very busy and short-staffed, as there were many wounded and recovering patients, the kind doctor visited Ruby to check on her everyday.getting to know you ruby.pngTo his surprise, one day, she was sitting up in bed and he came and sat beside her. Over the next few weeks, they found out more about each other. His name was Jacob Collins and he was the Chief Medical Officer for the clinic. Ruby could not thank him enough for saving her life and wanted to help him at the clinic as repayment for his kindness.started helping at the lab.pngAs Ruby grew stronger, she was able to help with the patients. Jacob saw that she was a natural at making sims feel at ease and she had a very, caring nature. She was also very intelligent and picked up medical procedures very quickly. He came to depend on her and their friendship quickly grew to something more.be mine jacob.pngAs her scars healed, he noticed that she was fertile by the banded tattoo she had. Even though he had feelings for her, he knew that Ruby deserved a younger sim to be her “chosen one”. He contacted the Director of Scientists, who told Jacob that Ruby had not yet been matched with someone.when she felt a bit better he asked if she had a place to stay.pngBut Ruby had a mind of her own and when he told her he had told the scientists she was ready to be matched, she flatly refused. She did not want to be matched. She enjoyed her work here and wanted to stay with Jacob and help at the clinic.he had been married beforeA few days’ later, Jacob was determined to convince Ruby that she should continue on with her life and be matched with someone. As he was talking to her, Ruby noticed that he also bore a “fertile” tattoo and asked him about it. He reluctantly told her that yes, he was fertile, and had been matched with someone a long time ago. Unfortunately, his “chosen one” had died in a cooking fire, and he had never applied to be re-matched. Ruby asked if he and his “chosen one” had had a child together. He told Ruby that they had tried, but he shook his head sadly and said no. Ruby looked into his eyes and told him that she had always wanted a child.reading medical jurnals.pngThe weeks passed and Ruby grew stronger and whenever Jacob came to visit Ruby, she was always reading one of his medical journals. She was fascinated with everything she read and asked Jacob lots of questions on medical practices.they had so many of the same interests.pngJacob came by to visit Ruby often and even slept on a cot at the clinic so he could be near her. He enjoyed Ruby’s company so much, and Ruby was always so excited to see Jacob. They talked for hours on end, and he had plans to help her become an intern.would you like to come for dinner tonight.pngRuby told Jacob that she thought he was the kindest sim she knew and owed him for saving her. She didn’t know if it was possible, but she wondered if somehow he could be matched with her. She knew they had quite an age difference between them, but she didn’t care, she was in love with Jacob and wanted to be with him and no-one else.

In his heart, Jacob was overjoyed to hear Ruby say she loved him. But Jacob wasn’t sure that they could do that. There were rules. Normally, the scientists had to run compatibility tests and they chose who the person was matched with.she was enchanting.pngJacob knew he was in love with Ruby and she had already told him she was in love with him. Jacob knew he shouldn’t go further with Ruby because soon she would be matched with someone else. He didn’t want to think about it. It was so unfair. They loved each other, why could they not be together? He had to do something. He didn’t want to see her with someone else. After all these years, he never thought he would feel this way. He never thought he would want to re-apply for a “chosen one”. But not just any “chosen one”. Only Ruby would do.their first kiss.pngOh plumbobs! He was determined to have this happen, and was going to head down the hallway to speak to the Director of Scientists. Jacob had a few favors to call in.a bit overgrown.pngThe next day, Ruby arrived at Jacob’s house at the appointed time. Jacob had asked her over because he had some news for her. She wondered why he asked her to come to his house, but maybe he wanted to tell her something in private, without everyone at the clinic knowing. She felt nervous and knew it could only mean that he had failed and she was going to be matched with someone else.

As she started up the walkway, she looked around. She thought to herself that this must have been a beautiful house at one time, but now it was very overgrown with neglect.they were matched.pngShe saw Jacob come out of the house and he practically ran to her. He told her he had done it. He had convinced the Director of Scientists that Ruby was to be his “chosen one”. Ruby couldn’t believe it! She was overjoyed.truly in love.pngShe ran to him then and hugged him. She was so happy that they would be together.pictogether.pngThey both ran into the house and Ruby wanted to take a picture of this perfect moment.within minutes after dinner was done they were kissing each other.pngJacob wanted to show her the house, their house. She was to live here now and could change anything she wanted. Ruby didn’t know if this was reality or if she was in a dream. She was so happy and put her arms around Jacob and kissed him tenderly. After months of uncertainty about their future, the joy of knowing they would be together forever overwhelmed them both. That tender kiss turned into a burning desire. Ooh la lahe was so in love with her.pngJacob was so in love with Ruby and Ruby wanted no one but Jacob. Ruby said there was time to tour the house later. They held each other’s hands and looked into each other’s eyes and almost said together that they wanted to try for a baby tonight.this was the last time he would be happy.pngJacob was so happy that he had another chance at having a family. He was the happiest man in the world right now.

Unfortunately, it would be the last smile we would see from Jacob.dying.pngYou see, Jacob had a heart condition and well, since he was an elder sim, trying for a baby was quite strenuous.he called out to her but it was too late.pngJacob called out to Ruby, but she didn’t hear him as she was fast asleep.grimmie takes him away.pngJacob collapsed at the foot of the bed and didn’t get up. Oh Jacob! It is your time. Grimmie appeared then to take Jacob away to the netherworld.he was gone.pngAnd with a flash of light, Jacob was gone. Fare-thee-well Jacob, you were a kind sim and Ruby deeply loved you.she was heartbroken couldn't go on.pngRuby was heartbroken that Jacob was gone. She didn’t know how she could go on. Jacob had left her the house so she had a place to live, but what would she do now?ruby was in anguish.pngJacob had been her soulmate. The only “chosen one” she would ever want. For two weeks she cried and lay in bed. One day rolled into the next and she didn’t know if it was day or night. She didn’t eat, she didn’t go outside, she did nothing, she felt so numb inside. When she slept, she had nightmares and woke up crying and calling Jacob’s name.for 2 days and nights.pngShe had lost so much weight and woke up one morning feeling sick to her stomach.estatic.pngShe thought that perhaps if she ate a bit of toast that she would feel better. But she couldn’t even keep that down and ran to the bathroom and was sick. Her stomach hurt and her head throbbed. She rummaged in the bathroom cabinet for some medicine and saw a pregnancy kit. How curious. Did Jacob buy this for her? Did he know they would try for a baby so soon?  Hmmm…. She had been so distraught with Jacob’s passing that it just never occurred to her that she might have morning sickness. She decided to take a pregnancy test and found out she was indeed expecting! She had mixed emotions when she saw the results. On the one hand, she was happy that she was going to have a baby, but on the other hand, so sad that Jacob wasn’t there to know that he would be a father.how would she survive.pngRuby looked at herself in the mirror. She was so pale and gaunt, and she so wished that Jacob could be here to share this moment. And then she realized…a part of him was here. He was part of her baby, too. So, Ruby made up her mind that from that moment on, she had a new purpose in life. She had to take care of herself and think about what she was going to do. Another life was counting on her. She needed to be strong for the baby’s sake. It is why Jacob fell in love with her. He always told her she had a strong will. She would keep herself busy, read more of Jacob’s journals and plant a garden. She had read a book about the benefits of herbal medicines and would learn more about it. Oh she had lots to do. Lots to prepare.martin.pngBefore Ruby knew it, the babies were born. Yes, babies! She had twins. Martin was the first born and Melissa the second. Since neither Ruby nor Jacob had had any children previously, there was a chance that Martin could be a wonder child.when she was feeding one the other one wanted to be changed.pngThe twins were quite a handful. When she was changing one, the other needed feeding. They certainly kept her busy. But they were such a delight and she was so happy to have them in her life.

There were other new mothers in the city and Ruby formed a New Mother’s Club. She invited all the new mothers to come to her house with their babies twice a week. They talked about all things baby and shared tips with each other. Ruby even invested in some parenting books and shared these with the other women in the group. She got to know the other women very well.the babies kept her busy.pngBut not everyone was happy that Ruby was living alone without a “chosen one” and had given birth to twins. Taking care of one baby was a lot, but twins! They didn’t think she could do it alone.she wasnt fit to care for a child.pngThey came to her house one night, the mayor, and two social workers. RUBY WAS SO INSULTED.pngThey said that no sim had ever raised a baby without a “chosen one” to help them. It was unheard of.

They said that Ruby wouldn’t be able to look after two babies by herself, and so they came to take them away.leave my children alone.pngRuby was in shock! Normally if you neglected a baby, social services could come and take the baby away. But she was taking good care of them. Both of them! How dare they come here and tell her that she couldn’t take care of two babies by herself. Ruby told them all that the babies were healthy and that they had better not touch a hair on their heads or she would report them to the Director of Scientists and tell him what was going on.HOW CSN YOU CARE FOR THEMThe mayor paled considerably when he heard the Director of Scientists mentioned. How did she know him?

After Jacob’s passing, Ruby had become a good friend of the Director of Scientists, who was also a doctor and had even delivered both her babies. The Director of Scientists held more power than the social workers and the mayor and he already knew that Ruby was a self-assured and determined sim who could do anything. He had great respect for Ruby.she was fiesty.pngThe mayor didn’t agree with this, but if the Director of Scientists already knew, there was nothing he could do. For now. He called the others and said they were leaving.WE WILL COME BACKThe female sim walked past Ruby and said that if Ruby neglected those babies, that she personally would be back to take them away! Ruby wanted to shout forbidden words at them, but she just stayed at the sidewalk and made sure they left.

She had won, but Ruby was so shaken by the incident, that she ran into the house and up the stairs and hugged her babies and told them that no-one, but no-one was ever going to take them away from her.BECAME QUITE THE GARDENER.pngYears passed, and Ruby was well-known throughout the neighborhood. Sims would come by if they were sick, and she always had some soothing herbs or teas to help them feel better. When a new couple moved to the city, she would always visit them and bring a gift of heirloom seeds and tell them to plant a garden. She told them that good things came from the earth.most adorable toddlers.pngHer babies soon grew to be toddlers and she could tell that Martin was a very intelligent child. soon they were toddlers.pngRuby knew that only the first born could be a wonder child, but she wanted Melissa to be equally skilled and so ensured that she spent equal time with both of them.grade school.pngMore years passed and soon they were in grade school. Martin got an A in school on the second day, and Melissa was not far behind him and got her A on the fourth day. While the twins were at school, Ruby would work at the clinic. She was even trained as a midwife in case one of the female sims couldn’t make it to the clinic and she would have to deliver the baby at home. Ruby was called, on more than one occasion, when this happened.the teen years.pngWhen they reached their teen years, Ruby took them aside to tell them about what may or may not happen when they reached young adulthood. First of all, they would be tested to find out if they were fertile. If they were, they were to be matched with a “chosen one” and encouraged to have their own wonder child. Ruby then told them the story of how she and their father were matched and their eyes lit up everytime she told them the story.having the talk.pngMartin had already decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a doctor. He wanted to go out into the Wasteland and help those who lived there.

Melissa had decided that if she was fertile, she didn’t want to be matched with anyone, but she wanted to give couples who were sterile a child of their own. She had taken a keen interest in gardening and wellness skills and had already submitted her name to become a surrogate. It was an esteemed position in the city, and she would be generously compensated. If for some reason, she was sterile, she wanted to work at the Fertility Spa and be trained as a masseuse to give fertility massages. She also wanted to start a parenting class and daycare center at the spa.

Ruby was so proud of her children and the choices they would be making. She knew that Jacob would be proud of them, too. melissaOn their young adult birthday, they were tested and it was found that both Martin and Melissa were fertile. They were both banded. Martin was deemed to be the most successful wonder child in the city and a huge celebration was held.ruby in the garden.pngRuby was bestowed the title of Ambassador (Super Parent) by the same mayor who years ago said she wouldn’t be able to raise those babies by herself.reagan and martin.pngMartin was matched within days with his “chosen one”, and it was rumored that she was from a foreign land….maybe even a princess.the collins family.pngAnd this leads us to present day. Ruby is almost an elder. Martin and his “chosen one” are meeting for the first time, and Melissa is getting ready to be matched with her first couple.

And so now, you too, know the story of Ruby Collins. Let’s hope that Kyla and Terence meet her and her family soon.

* * * * *

Author’s Note: 

Jacob Collins was made in create-a-sim with the “play with genetics” icon. Ruby was aged down to a young adult and Martin and Melissa were aged down to  toddlers and teens for photo ops.

The story of the Collins family was done to give some background on the families who will appear in the Wonder Child Challenge. I hope you enjoyed it.


wren cottage.png

The house where the Collins family lives in Newcrest.


The clinic where Jacob takes Ruby. This is a room. The wheelchair idea is great.

the social workers.png

The social workers in the story.

mayir grant.png

The mayor in the story.


Wonder Child Challenge – Spa Gossip

terence making breakfast.pngThe next morning, Terence was already in the kitchen preparing some breakfast for them when Kyla came out.terence cooking.pngEven though his cooking skills weren’t very good, Terence just seemed to enjoy cooking. He thought a nice light breakfast of fruit salad would be nice.what a wonderful breakfast.pngThey sat and chatted together enjoying the great breakfast that Terence had made. Terence started his new job today and had to head to work at 11am, and Kyla was being picked up by private car to head to the fertility clinic spa. They had been informed that Kyla would be at the spa most of the day and that she would be returning home later that evening.so glad you are ok.pngWhen it was time for Terence to head to work, he gave Kyla a hug and wished her luck. She also wished him luck on his first day. Almost as soon as he left, the private car came to pick her up.arrival at spa.pngWhen she arrived, Kyla stood on the sidewalk and gazed in awe at the beautiful building before her. Done in white and green with wood tones, it was a multi-level building. Kyla was amazed it was so large. The council who oversaw the scientists and the “wonder child” program, had spent considerable simoleons on maintaining the building. It looked very peaceful.

She saw a swimming pool off to one side and there was even a hot tub. Several other women were entering the building, so she took a deep breath and headed up the stairs.so beautiful in the lobbyWhen she entered the lobby, there was a massive indoor waterfall separating the lobby from the reception area and a window which overlooked the swimming pool that she had seen outside.women in the spa.pngShe continued through the lobby to the reception area and Kyla noticed that several sims were already in the spa. She wondered if they were all coming for fertility treatments.reception knew she was coming.pngKyla headed over to the reception desk to let them know she was there. She was greeted warmly and as she sat down, she was told how her day would progress. Not only was she getting a fertility massage, but she would be instructed in yoga stretching exercises, relaxation techniques and stress alleviation. A total day of wellness leading up to the fertility massage at the end of the day.

Kyla was then asked if she was hoping for a male or female wonder child. The question completely perplexed her as she didn’t know.

“Did you not talk with your chosen one of having a girl or a boy wonder child? We need to program your day to ensure it meets your specifications,” said the attendant.

“Uh no…I didn’t know that a girl or boy child could be planned,” replied Kyla nervously.

“Why yes, we configure your day to enhance you having the child you want. If you were planning for a girl child, we would ensure you listened to pop music and I made your health drink with strawberries. If you are planning a boy child, we would program your music to be alternative and I would add carrots to the health drink,” the attendant replied in a matter-of-fact voice.

“I….I…really don’t know. We never discussed that.” Kyla felt unsure of what they were going to do. Would they send her home again?revitalizing drink.pngThe attendant shook his head, and said he would do the best he could. It seemed that he  put both strawberries and carrots in the drink he was mixing for her. He then told her that the drink was filled with vitamins and minerals as well as enhancers to rid her body of any toxins and to maximize her chances of having the child she wanted.

Kyla took a sip and it tasted so good. She wondered if she was allowed more than one.masseuse telling her it was time for her massageWhile sipping her health drink, the attendant rang a bell and a young woman arrived to take Kyla on a tour of the spa. Her name was Valerie.outdoor area looked out onto a park.pngThey walked to the back of the building on the main level. In an open-air room, there was a hand and foot massage area. Valerie told her that this was not included in her fertility package. But, if she ever wanted to come back, the cost was $40 simoleons for either a hand or foot massage. Her chosen one was also welcome to come and have one as well.view of parkThe area was outdoors and overlooked a wonderful park area. Kyla loved this area and wished that Terence was here to see it, too. The purple and red flowers were so gorgeous, and she wished that this was where her fertility massage was taking place.foot massage.pngAs Kyla admired the area, a young woman came in and sat down to get a foot massage. The attendant bowed deeply in front of the young woman and acknowledged that her name was Melissa. When she sat down, Melissa saw Valerie and Kyla and smiled sweetly at both of them.

As Valerie ushered Kyla out of the area, Kyla asked Valerie who that sim was.

“Ah….that is Melissa Collins. She is a twin, the second child of Ruby Collins. She is not a wonder child, but was fortunate to have the fertility trait. She will soon become the new surrogate here in Newcrest. It is very exciting!” she said in awe.

“A surrogate?” Kyla asked confused.

“Why yes, have you not heard of them? There are many wealthy couples who are sterile but wish to have a child, and they pay very well. Melissa decided not to be matched with anyone and chose to become a surrogate instead. It is an esteemed position and all her treatments are paid for by the council.” Valerie replied enthusiastically.

“So, these couples….they come to her….” Kyla said in a questioning manner.

“Oh no, all of the fertility work is done in a lab by the scientists. When a couple wishes to have a child, a surrogate match is made, and then the surrogate goes to the lab and has a procedure to become pregnant.” Valerie replied.double massage rooms with mud bath therapy.pngKyla wanted to ask more questions, but Valerie was already opening the door to another room. It was a couples massage room with a massage attendant on duty. There were two massage tables. There were also tubs where you could get mud baths, and relaxing soaks with natural ingredients, such as a milk, honey and oatmeal. Valerie told Kyla that she would be in a private massage room and that she would be her masseuse.yoga room.pngThey descended the stairs again, and Valerie took her to a large room with yoga mats. Valerie told Kyla that she would be beginning her day with some yoga stretching exercises, and the instructor was already warming up. Valerie then showed her where the restrooms and change rooms were, and then left her to get ready.yoga for stretching.pngGoing back into the yoga area, the instructor led her through a series of energy centering exercises.meditate and think about her lifeHe then led her in a series of mind de-stressing exercises.chatting with women in spa.pngThen Kyla was directed to the second floor and told to head to the steam room and relax. When she opened the door, there were some women from an outlying city sitting together who had come to the spa for a wellness day. Kyla found out that not everyone who came to the spa came for a fertility massage. The women were both older adults, like herself, but already had children. Unfortunately, Katrina’s children were both sterile and Nancy’s son was a teen and had not yet been tested.

They asked Kyla if this was her first time here and Kyla replied yes. They gossiped with her and told her stories of sims who had been matched but had not become pregnant and so had been sent back to the Wasteland. Even worse, they heard of a sim who had been matched with someone, and had produced a wonder child, but neglected the child and the child had been taken away. That sim was never heard from again. Kyla found this news shocking.

Both women confided tips and tricks on becoming pregnant and told her to ask her masseuse for a pregnancy kit, so that Kyla would know right away if she was pregnant or not. They told her that sometimes, pregnancy didn’t occur the first time, but that Kyla needed to keep trying. They wished her well and headed to the showers.mssage room.pngAfter showering and changing, Kyla was probably not as relaxed as she should have been. She was a bit nervous thinking about what the women had said.massage for kyla.pngValerie came in then and helped Kyla change into a robe. Kyla laid down on the table and Valerie sensed that Kyla seemed quite tense. Valerie went over to a small table and lit some incense. Romantic Sandalwood…so much better.asked her all kinds of questions.pngValerie soon had Kyla feeling very relaxed. Kyla confided in Valerie about what she had heard in the sauna. Valerie told her not to pay any heed to what those women said, as they were probably just jealous of Kyla, because they, themselves did not have a wonder child.do you want a girl or a boy.pngValerie told her that the effects of the fertility massage lasted only 12 hours and that Kyla should waste no time in trying for a baby with her chosen one. When the massage was over, Kyla thanked her and Valerie gave her the pregnancy kit.whne kyla walked int he door the table was gone from the kitchen.pngWhen Kyla arrived home, aromatic smells filled the house. She looked around, but didn’t see Terence, but noticed that the table and chairs were missing from the kitchen area. That was strange. Where were they? Just then, she heard Terence come in from outside. He smiled when he saw her and strode confidently towards her.terence had missed her.png“I missed you,” Terence said, as he raised her hands to his lips and gave them a kiss.

“I missed you, too, Terence,” Kyla replied. Kyla asked Terence about his first day at work and found out that it had gone quite well. She also asked about the table and chairs and he told her it was a surprise. Kyla suddenly noticed that Terence was not in his usual clothes, and was all dressed up.

“Dinner is not quite finished, so you have time to get ready. It’s a special night for us, so I just wanted to make everything perfect.” he replied.

Kyla nodded and hurried off to the bedroom to get changed.she was stunning.pngKyla decided to wear her formal dress that the council had given her. She carefully styled her hair and freshened up a bit. She looked at her face in the mirror and couldn’t believe how different she looked. She was still the same person that she had been a week ago, but so much had changed since then. And tonight…well, tonight, even more could change.

When Kyla came out into the living room, Terence was busy making drinks at the bar. He already had a drink ready for her, and when he saw her, Terence almost dropped the drink shaker. She looked stunning.this is so nice.pngThey went out to the patio, and there was the table and chairs. Terence had placed them on the patio and moved the stereo nearby. He had even lit a candle. It was very romantic.dinner under the stars.png“I thought you would enjoy dinner outside under the stars. I know how you like the outdoors.” beamed Terence.i love this.png“Yes, it’s so beautiful out here, and the dinner smells so good. Are there carrots or strawberries in this dish?” asked Kyla. Terence laughed and asked her why she would ask that and she told him what they had told her at the spa. Terence replied that he really didn’t have a preference for a boy or a girl.he said he would want to be with me.pngKyla was somewhat relieved to hear that. She didn’t know if it was the effects of the massage, or the lovely dinner and drinks, but she felt so relaxed with Terence and really didn’t want this night to end.

Their conversation flowed easily and the dinner was so tasty. Terence talked about his hope for a family and how happy he had been to be finally matched. Kyla smiled and agreed that she wanted a family, too. Even though the evening was going along so smoothly, Kyla felt she had to tell Terence what she heard from the women in the sauna.kiss oh yes.pngAs dinner was over, they both stood up to clear the dishes, and before she knew what was happening, Terence pulled her in for an embrace. When they pulled away, she told him there was something she had to tell him.i want you.png“Terence, I was chatting with some of the other women at the spa today and they told me that sometimes you don’t get pregnant on the first try. And sometimes you don’t get pregnant at all and are removed from Newcrest. I heard rumors that if this happens, they send you back to the Wasteland. And because we are both adults, we have less time to try for a baby.”

“I am sure they were exaggerating,” replied Terence.

“No, they told me we would both be sent back to the Wasteland.”

“Kyla, it doesn’t matter. I have waited most of my life to be matched with someone, to have a baby, to have a family. It just feels right that you are here with me now. But, if for some reason, we can’t have a child, and we are sent back to the Wasteland, there is no-one I would rather be with than you.”oh yes i want to.pngKyla looked at Terence and couldn’t believe what he had just said. He didn’t care if she didn’t become pregnant, he wanted to be with her. With her! Even if it meant being sent back to the Wasteland together.1st kiss times 2And suddenly, with no warning, Terence kissed her. It was a sweet, tentative kiss. And all her worries and nervousness and fears seemed to leave her. All she could think about was Terence…being with Terence…and kissing Terence.it is time to try for baby.pngAnd afterwards, he gently caressed her cheek and looked longingly into her eyes and said, “Shall we Kyla? We have come all this way to be together. I feel we are the perfect match. Whatever happens doesn’t matter, but at least we can try. Shall we try for a baby, Kyla? It’s time.”be with me“Yes,” said Kyla quietly, “I want to try.” And this time, it was Kyla who reached for Terrence and kissed him.

Terence reluctantly released her. He suggested that she could go and get ready first and  that he would clean up. It didn’t take her long, and when she came out into the living room, Terence was already changed and waiting for her.a beautiful sweet kiss.pngHe looked at her and told her how beautiful she looked and that whatever happened, he would never leave her. They lingered over a romantic kiss together, and then Terence took her hand in his and led her into the master bedroom.her life was changing.pngAs Kyla stepped into the bedroom, she didn’t feel like the walls were closing in on her this time. Things just felt so right, and Kyla knew that her life was about to change.

* * * * *



mandola spa.png






Survive the Insanity: Day 4 – The Circle Asylum – Skill Swap

In the last chapter, Viviana takes a vacation day and it’s a good thing because some of the residents of Happy Hollow Asylum come by to welcome the residents of The Circle Asylum to the neighborhood. Louis, Veta, Sonny and Midge are part of the welcoming crew. Barbie is cleaning and has ceased her shower rule protest. Viviana challenges Louis to a basketball tournament, which she sadly loses. Toby tries to make some drinks, Mowgli is a chess victor, Hannibal discovers a mouse in the house, and Finn is just oblivious to everything blowing bubbles. Disaster nearly strikes as Veta hatches a devious plan with Sonny to do something to Sunny. The plan backfires, and Veta herself catches on fire. Luckily, Louis is quick with the fire extinguisher and all is saved. Outside, Erik thinks this is a good time to have a weenie roast, Midge and Sonny are laughing about the fire, and Sonny and Sunny are doing a high five together. Seems to me that Sonny and Sunny double-crossed Veta in her own plan. However, the dryer is burned to a crisp and to try to make things better, Louis invites Viviana to a dinner party on Thursday.the next morning - sore back from bed and sink has now sprung a leak.pngWhy is it that with the start of nearly every day, Viviana needs to repair something?  Here she is making some breakfast and behind her the sink is spouting water. Ugh! And, well that’s interesting…there is a mischief book laying in front of the sink. Who would purposely break the sink?viviana repairs the showerAnd now the shower is leaking…sheesh! More repairs.doing laundry in the washer.pngViviana also has to do some laundry.doing laundry.pngI guess after yesterday’s fire, all the sims are afraid to do laundry now.

Author’s Notes: Since I am keeping score for this challenge, the fire cost us to lose -20 points towards the final score. Darn!vivianas back is sore from doing so much cleaning.pngAfter cleaning up dirty dishes and emptying the garbage, I check the fridge and have Viviana make some grilled cheese so the fridge is stocked again. Her back is killing her from all the work she has to do around the asylum.look who is outside the front door.pngA very weird thing happens shortly after this. A commotion is heard outside on the sidewalk and Nancy Landgraab and Clara Bjergsen look like they are going to fight each other. Something has happened because they both look so mad at each other.for some reason nancy landgraab walked right into the houseThe next thing I know, Nancy Landgraab just comes right in the house. She didn’t knock on the door and no-one invited her in.erik very intent on talking to this shrub.pngWell, maybe someone did, because Erik is talking to that shrub again. He seems to find a lot of sims in those shrubs. Nosy neighbors!

Anyway, Nancy Landgraab comes in the house, looks around and then says she has to leave. I wonder if she was checking up on Toby and Erik. It was just rather strange because she is not an acquaintance of anyone in the house.the three paintings that she sells.pngWith some cooking done, I have Viviana start on her painting. To move to the next level of the Painting Aspiration, she needs to sell 3 paintings to a collector. I pick the lowest value paintings. put them up on the wall, and sell them. These are the 3 she sells and she makes $235 simoleons. She must also complete 3 emotional paintings. She has done a playful one, so this might take awhile.

In the meantime, let’s have a peek at what everyone else is doing…finn in great form.pngFinn seems to be in top form today and is practicing his dribbling.everyone on the basketball court this morning.pngIn fact, it is such a nice day, that everyone heads outside to play basketball.except erik and toby.pngWell everyone except Toby and Erik. I think Erik was reading bedtime stories to Toby because Toby is zonked out.

But wait, that’s not a bedtime story, it’s the mischief book. Erik, did you break the kitchen sink? Come on, admit it….replaced the workbench with yoga mat.pngOh, almost forgot. Since no-one was autonomously using the workbench, I decided to replace it with a yoga mat. Maybe we can get the sims using that autonomously. We will find out. I may have to re-think the guitar, too, as no-one is using that either. But, for now, we will see how the yoga mat does.focused mood from doing laundry.pngI have Viviana browse simpedia on the computer to get her in a focused mood, so she can complete another emotional painting. And it works!

She completes the focused painting and then heads off to work.mowgli yoga.pngSoon after, I get a notice that Mowgli has acquired the wellness skill! Yes! A sim is using the yoga mat. Now, I did add this to the club activities, so maybe that is the reason.barbie wellness skill.pngSoon after, I get the same notice for Barbie. Alright! This is working out well.yoga face.pngAnd even Finn tries yoga. Look at that yoga face! problems ahead.pngOh but trouble lurks in paradise. The toilet has broken and so has the stereo. There is a long day ahead while Viviana is at work. I can see puddles and embarrassed moodlets from this. Why can’t one of these sims just repair the toilet?

I go to buy mode and look longingly at the unbreakable toilet, but they don’t have enough simoleons yet.hannbal is playing guitar yes.pngAnd then I get a notification that Hannibal has acquired the guitar skill. Yes! There is hope for the guitar. Someone has autonomously used it! Finally! Oh sweet music to my…oh that sounds bad….uh…ok…well…Hannibal will improve.sunny has become a caffeine junkie.pngOh the place is filthy. Look at the coffeemaker. And look at Sunny. She has been brewing a lot of coffee all day, and gets the coffee jitters moodlet from drinking too much coffee. At midnight when I look in her inventory, she has 6, yes 6 cups of coffee in there. Sunny….limit the coffee intake and get some sleep.erik is getting upset with all the dirty dishes around.pngErik, not looking much better than Sunny, is complaining about the dirty dishes everywhere. Erik, unfortunately, has peed himself due to the broken toilet. Soon after, Barbie and Sunny pee themselves almost in unison.toby happily dancing in the rubbish.pngWhile the other residents are complaining about how dirty everything is, Toby is just so happy dancing in the trash.viviana repairing the stereo.pngWhen Viviana comes home, she repairs the toilet right away and then the stereo.viviana cooking tempura.pngViviana tries her hand at making a gourmet dish, some tempura. Oh! Maybe a bit too much oil! Whoosh!JUST HANGING.pngToby and Erik head off to work and everyone else is just relaxing. Hannibal is trying out Viviana’s tempura and launches into a rather long story. Finn is thinking that one cup of coffee may not be enough to listen to another one of Hannibal’s tales. In the background, Sunny and Mowgli are playing a game of chess together.barbie is talking to viviana about a treasure map.pngIn one of the bedrooms, Barbie is talking to Viviana about some type of treasure map that she found when she was in the jungle. Viviana doesn’t know if this is true or if Barbie is just making this up. Was there treasure in the jungle?the waser is on the fritz.pngAnd just as Viviana is about to head to bed to dream about lost treasure, the washer breaks…

And with that, we bid good night to The Circle Asylum.

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Lot traits today: Gnomes (broken things just seem to get mended overnight), Quake Zone and Filthy – maybe I should have changed those lot traits to gnomes sooner, because I think everything in the asylum broke today.

Bought the cooking, mixology, gourmet cooking, wellness and creativity boosts with club points.

Big Tip of the Day: I didn’t know this about the club feature before and this is a bit of a breakthrough. I do believe that when you add an item to the club activities, that the members of the club will do those activities. I always thought that if the club members autonomously did those activities that were listed as club activities that you would get points. I didn’t know that the club activities actually dictate that the members do those activities. This is a rather big revelation. Even though, as per the rules, you can’t control the other sims to do certain things, you could choose certain club activities and then the club members would do them when the club is in a gathering. Sort of like subliminal mind control! Muhahaha! Did anyone else know this?

Do you think I can do some mind manipulation and have them clean? I wonder…..

Viviana earned $184 simoleons, Toby and Erik earned $63 simoleons each and they both swiped something at work. They both took the same book from work “How I Dumped Your Father” worth $20 simoleons each.

Viviana’s skills: Cooking and Painting, level 6; Handiness 3; Fitness and Logic 2; Charisma, comedy, dancing, gourmet cooking and video gaming are all 1.

New friendships: Barbie and Mowgli are now friends.

With enough household funds, I purchase the unbreakable sweet escapes country toilet. Good bye puddles! Well, let’s hope.

Household funds: $384 simoleons left

Wonder Child Challenge – Getting Acquainted

arrived first.pngKyla arrived first. Maybe that was a good thing so she could look around. Get her bearings. This place was so different from where she had lived with the colony. Everything was so green and flowers were blooming. It was like she had stepped into a part of yesterday before the blasts. The air even smelled clean. There was no swirling dust anywhere. It was so beautiful. It was like she was in a dream.kyla house background.pngShe looked behind her and saw the house. The structure that she would live in with Terence. She wondered what it looked like inside. It had been so long that she had lived in a structure…a house, with solid walls around her. At the colony, they had lived in tents mostly, and lean-to shacks made from scrounged wooden boards. Hammered together to form a makeshift shelter. But no matter how hard they tried, the dust always seemed to find them. Kyla never did like the dust.she was a great match for meAs Kyla made a step towards the house, a vehicle pulled up and dropped off a male sim. She closed her eyes almost afraid of what she might see. This must be him. Terence. She took a deep breath and turned around to face him. He was in front of Kyla looking at her from beneath a pair of round glasses. Almost like he was analyzing her to see if she was worthy. She felt embarrassed. No one had ever looked at her like that before and she felt her cheeks getting hot.

Kyla hoped he didn’t just want to try for a baby right away. The scientists had told her that they could have a day to get acquainted. Tomorrow she was scheduled for a fertility massage which would help with the success of getting pregnant.making a joke with kyla.png“Hi, Kyla. I’m Terence. I am so happy to meet you. I’m not sure about you, but I have been nervous the whole way over here. How was your trip? Did you have far to come? I thought maybe we should get to know each other a bit better and chat. What do you think?”looking into his eyes.pngKyla was relieved. She introduced herself and then didn’t know what else to say. She felt butterflies in her stomach when she looked into his eyes. Oh this wasn’t a very good start if they couldn’t even have a conversation together.terence making her feel more at ease.pngBut, Terence seemed to sense her nervousness and made quite a few jokes, which she found funny. He told her a bit about himself and she found out he had lived at a science lab since he was a young adult.getting to know youHe asked her questions about herself and pretty soon she felt a bit more at ease with him. He even suggested they take a picture together to mark their first day together.maybe this was going to be ok.pngMaybe, Kyla thought, this might work out. He seemed nice enough. She just had to stop being so nervous around him.

Terence said that they should check out the house, and Kyla agreed and thought that would be a good idea.going insideAs they walked to the front door together, she kept giving him sideways glances trying to get a better look at him. Terence caught her once and she quickly averted her eyes.

“And,” Terence said in a low voice, “I wanted to tell you from the first moment I saw you, that you look very lovely in that dress.”

“Oh, ummm…thank you”, is all that Kyla could manage.they explored the house together.pngThey entered the house and explored it together, going from room to room. Kyla noticed that there was a fireplace in the main room, which made her feel so warm inside. It reminded her of the firepit at the colony where they all gathered around at the end of each day.there was a kitchen and table to sit on.pngThe kitchen was small, but cozy, and there even was a table and some chairs to sit down.there were 4 doors leading from the main room.pngThere were four doors which led off from the main room. One of these led to the outside. Terence opened the door nearest the back door first, and it was a small bathroom.this was to be the babys room.pngThe next door they opened had a single bed and a computer. This must be the room for the baby. She was told that the scientists would be providing a crib for the baby at the proper time.the master bedroom.pngKyla knew that the next room they entered would be the master bedroom. She really hadn’t thought this far ahead. Were they supposed to sleep here together tonight? It was a nice enough room, but all of a sudden she felt like the walls were closing in on her.

Then she heard Terence’s voice.you can sleep in here tonight or the other room.png“Kyla, if you like, I can sleep in here tonight and you can take the other room, or if you prefer to sleep here, that is fine too. It is your choice. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.”hugging each other.pngBefore she knew what she was doing, she ran over to Terence and hugged him.

“Thank you”, Kyla said quietly. It was like Terence could read her mind. He was really being very considerate of her.back door led to a small deckThey broke apart and Terence gently took her hand and led her out the backdoor to a small deck. Kyla gave a huge sigh. She felt so much better outdoors. Perhaps it was just being couped up in the house. Afterall, for most of her life, she had lived outdoors.the backyard had a view to a childrens park.pngFrom the back deck, there was a view of a park and it looked like there were children’s climbers there. Terence asked Kyla if she wanted to explore the neighborhood a bit and she nodded her agreement.there were children here already.pngWhen they arrived at the park, they saw a child. There were children here already! When Kyla had lived at the colony, they so rarely saw a child, but it was always a cause for celebration. This time, Kyla grabbed Terence’s hand and they ran over to where the child was.they joked with the child.pngTerence wasted no time at all joking with the child. His name was Rex. Terence and Rex got along so well. Kyla could tell right then and there that Terence would be a good father.

At that moment, Kyla realized that this must be hard for Terence, too, having lived in a science lab for most of his life. Kyla had only thought of how she was feeling and never once had she really thought about how Terence was feeling. And yet, he was always thinking about her.over dinner he told me a bit about himself.pngRex had to head home, so Kyla and Terence headed over to the picnic tables, and to their surprise there was some untouched grilled fruit sitting on the table. Some sims, who were leaving, told them to help themselves. So, Kyla and Terence sat down and decided to have a quick bite to eat.i even shared a secret with him.pngOver dinner, Terence told Kyla more about his life at the science lab and Kyla told him the story of meeting Hannah and joining the colony. She told him how her parents had died in the blast and how she had lived on the streets as a teen and how scary it was.he hugged me then.pngTerence hugged Kyla then and told her that she would never have to worry about those things again, that he was going to keep her safe. Kyla felt like her heart was melting a bit, and she didn’t know if it was her imagination, but the hug felt so warm and secure and she didn’t want it to end.blew a kiss.pngAnd then Terence did something so sweet….he blew Kyla a kiss.blew her a kiss.pngAnd at that moment Kyla knew that she was falling in love with Terence.

There was something about Terence that she was drawn to. She couldn’t explain it…maybe it was the way he looked at her…with those eyes…making her feel special.relaxing together.pngIt was getting late, so they hurried back to the house and the rest of the night was spent relaxing and chatting together.

Terence had already secured a job as a Writer’s Assistant, and he started work tomorrow. In preparation, he had to read some material. Kyla didn’t have a job as yet, but she was hoping to put some of the skills that she had learned at the colony to good use. In fact, Kyla was watching a cooking show to learn some new recipes. She couldn’t believe she was watching television, something she hadn’t done in a very long time.kyla thought of terenceWhen it was time for bed, they went to their separate bedrooms, but neither one could sleep. terence thought kyla was the most beautiful sim.pngBoth just sat on their beds thinking of the other and how lucky they were to have been matched.

* * * * *


2br starter 6.png