CH 1.3 – The Sands of Time – Hot & Spicy


The next morning, I was up early and headed off to work. It was a busy first day. There was so much to do! First, I cleaned palettes and organized all the art supplies. Then, I had to clean the “modern exhibit” and noticed that an exhibit label listed the incorrect artist.job.png

I really wasn’t sure if I should say something, as I was new, so I just finished mopping the hall. Luckily for me, I didn’t say a word, as it was indeed, the correct artist. That would have been embarrassing!painting art.png

I used my lunch hour to do some painting. A landscape this time. I was really enjoying my job.came over and wanted my number.png

I even had a surprise visit from Nobuya. He wasn’t in his mail carrier’s uniform and he looked ..ummm…really nice! I showed him around and he was impressed with the gallery. We chatted some more, and he even asked if he could call me sometime to go out. Oh yah??!!promo.png

Much to my surprise, the day flew by and before I knew it, I was home. And surprise, surprise, I got a promotion! Can you believe it, after my first day on the job? A promotion to Art Book Collator and a pay increase to $23 simoleons an hour. Sounds impressive, right? I had worked hard today and was really exhausted.spice.png

Well, that was until Nobuya called and invited me to go to the Spice Festival with him. Sure. Why not? I had never been to the Spice Market District in San Myshuno. It would be fun! Plus, I needed to eat and I heard they had free her way thru this.png

Look at all the food! And all free! I could not believe it. It all looked so yummy!new way to barbrq.png

As I sat down, I had to laugh at the person barbequeing. Ummm…must be a trend. lol I know that the food was hot, but really? A helmet?spicy.png

Nobuya told me about the spice contest and challenged me to enter! I wasn’t sure about this. I mean, these dishes were HOT! ON FIRE, really. Well, sure, I could do it! I better get a glass of water first though, in case my mouth is on fire and I have to douse it real fast.


Much to my surprise, it was only mildly hot, although it was marked the spiciest of spicy food! And, over the loudspeaker I heard that I was the new Curry Champion. Go me!won the spice contest.png

Look at the cool t-shirt I won!lily feng youre in my seat.png

After bragging about my win a bit, I overheard one of the festival goers yakking about the “bubbler”, so I decided to head over and try it. But when I went over, there was a horrid woman there who wouldn’t let me sit anywhere near it. So, I never got to bubble, but I heard it was fun. Maybe next time.eating more food.png

I caught up with Nobuya who was getting into the spirit! I hardly even recognized him! Umm….look at those muscles…Hubba…hubba!chnged tops.png

He told me where to go to get the greatest spices and told me to haggle with the vendors.

Never pay full price, Rosanna, haggle and try to get them to lower their price for you. And they should since you won the curry competition!” said Nobuya.the champ.png

I bought some spices and thanks to Nobuya’s suggestion, got them at a discount. After being crowned Curry Champion, it seemed that everyone knew who I was and wanted to talk to me.layne.png

Especially this guy named Layne. He just followed me around everywhere. And I have to say, he wasn’t half bad looking. *fans face* I was feeling a bit hot…must be the food!perfect cuple.png

Yep, this is Layne again…in disguise! lol We really hit it off. i ate the whole thing.png

I was really drawn to him. Ok, well, maybe it was his hat. The llama was so cute! We spent so much time together.and then there were 2.png

I actually think he might like me. *sigh* He’s such a hunk…for a llama, I mean.nabuyo is bummed.png

I was having such a fun time with Layne and then I saw Nobuya and he looked sad. Hmmm….I wonder why? I excused myself from Layne and went over to chat with Nobuya. I mean, afterall, he did invite me to the festival. He cheered up when I came over to sit with him. Do you think he might like me, too?make a wish.png

I was feeling really great about the day. A promotion. Being crowned Curry Champion. But there was still one thing I hoped for.  I saw a little fountain decorated with floating lillies. It was so pretty. I searched my pocket and found a coin and closed my eyes and made a wish. Oh, sorry, can’t tell, or else it won’t come true….you understand. i am the champ.png

The Spice Festival ws ending and I said good-bye to Layne and Nobuya. Wow! What a great day….I wonder if my wish will come true. Hmmm….I wonder…!!!


Author’s Note:

Yes, it’s true, there is a bit of “pink” in her relationship with both Layne and Nobuya. Lucky Rosanna!

3 thoughts on “CH 1.3 – The Sands of Time – Hot & Spicy

  1. Hubba…hubba! ❤ I wonder who she'll choose, Layne and Nobuya… hmmm choices choices indeed! Teehee I've never had any of my sims win the spice festival before! Cool t-shirt indeed 😀 Congrats Rosanna on the win and also on the promotion! It's been a big day for her 😀 Haha and I've also had that problem with random sims just wearing strange costumes all over town, but now I'm quite attached to the little weirdos walking about in their darth vader masks and llama outfits 😀 Lovely chapter, I really like seeing Rosanna slowly but surly figuring out life on her own, she's really growing as a person! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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