Ch 2 – Wk 1 Day 1 (Sun) Caring Paw Vet Clinic – Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge

home lot and vet lotThere are advantages to creating a pet in CAS and one of them is that you start out with $22K simoleons. This is good, because Bernice is purchasing both 30 x 20 lots in Brindleton Bay, which cost $2,000 simoleons each. Her “home” lot is Dachshund’s Creek, and right beside it, her vet clinic is on Hindquarter Hideaway. See those 2 green squares on the map above? This may work to Bernice’s advantage, because when you want to adopt a pet, I believe you have to be on your home lot. Plus, you could put lot traits on the “home” lot for a “Cat Hangout” or “Dog Hangout” or both, so lots of strays will visit. With both lots purchased, Bernice is ready to meet all of Doc Paws’ rules to win the Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge to eventually own Brindleton Pawspital.bernice on home lot.pngBut, first things first. Bernice is so excited about moving to Brindleton Bay, she takes a “selfie”, and of course, she posts several pics of Buttercup on Simstagram. One of the things you need to do for the Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge is to make your pet into a simstagram celebrity.simstagram pet buttercup.pngWith just a few photos, Buttercup has 16 simstagram followers. How can you not follow this dog? Buttercup is a cutie!vet clinic.pngAlthough I am not a builder, I did build a complete live-in vet clinic available for download in the gallery. Caring Paw Vet Clinic is Bernice’s vet clinic, which leaves Bernice with $595 simoleons.caring paw waiting room.pngThe waiting room is a fair size with the check-in podium (required) and Dr. Budget Bandages Medico-Vendo-Thingo medicine vending machine (optional). A small loveseat for the “humans err sims” to wait and a dog bowl, dog bed, cat scratch post and kitty litter box, plus some chew toys. There’s also a pet welcome mat at the front door.exam room small.pngThe exam room is small and has a Dr. Budget Bandages Exam Table and garbage can (both required), plus a doggie decal. You can purchase a lot of really inexpensive decals to decorate (some are just $1 simoleon), but they don’t add any environment room.pngThe surgery room has two more optional items. Dr. Budget Bandages Surger-o-matic 1500 surgery table, and Dr. Budget Bandages Craftidink medicine crafting table. So, Bernice has already met the clinic requirements for the Cats Rule and Dogs Drool Vet Challenge. As she earns more simoleons at the clinic, she can boost environment scores and up-grade the equipment.small bathroom in clinic.pngThere is a very small bathroom with a “debug” tub in it. Tubs are needed to bathe your dog. I don’t think they are used for cats, as cats really don’t like water too much.sad living quarters.pngAnd finally, the sad living quarters, with just a bed, fridge and counter. A small bonus is the wall-mounted tv. I did read on the forums that you could make “gourmet food” for your pet, but that might require a stove and I don’t want Bernice to burn down the clinic. As she gets more simoleons, I may have her work on her cooking skill, but for now it’s the quick meals.a sim just walked out of that tunnel.pngIt’s Sunday, and a day off. So, with the clinic tour over, Bernice needs to start collecting to make some simoleons. But, before she can do that, a sim walks out from the tunnel on her home lot and Bernice meets Brent Hecking. Before Bernice can get into any sort of conversation with Brent, Buttercup runs off. What the heck? Where is Buttercup going? Ok, so one disadvantage of having a pet is that pets do their own thing and you can’t control them. They come with one training command “Heel” and you can call them to you by pressing the little whistle under their pic buttercup to roll over while standing in a pee puddle.pngBernice runs after Buttercup because she doesn’t want anything to happen to her precious doggo. Buttercup had run through the tunnel after Rosie, Brent’s dog and I guess Buttercup needed to tinkle. And there is nothing quite like training your dog to do some “roll over” tricks while standing in a pee puddle.buttercup being trained.pngWell, it was worth it. Bernice acquired the Pet Training skill and Buttercup becomes a Simstagram Starter with 25 followers AND gets rewards.simstagram starter

stray dog booger.pngJust when I want to send Bernice off to start collecting, out from the tunnel comes a stray dog. I love this dog’s name. Booger. Maxis is funny!hi booger.pngOf course, Bernice has to greet this dog. Booger is a stray male adult dog (traits hunter, adventurous and vocal). The hunter trait is a good trait as they can hunt and dig for things. The adventurous trait states that a dog may sometimes leave the house and go on solo adventures, but also will go on adventures with their owner. (From Carl’s Guide)

Some traits come with the breed of pet. For instance, Buttercup is a chihuahua, and one of the traits that comes with this breed is vocal. Buttercup’s other traits are loyal and playful.nother stray waffle.pngAnother stray dog comes out of the tunnel. This time, a stray male adult dog named Waffle (traits sleuth, playful and loyal). The sleuth trait states that a dog is naturally more curious and likes to investigate things around the house.bernice wants to adopt this dog.pngBernice really likes Waffle, and may want to adopt him. But, she also likes Booger, too. When Bernice meets more pets, it will be really hard for her to choose who to adopt.bernice taking buttercup for a jog.pngAt this point, Bernice has collected nothing and the day is almost over. Before Bernice gets stuck by the tunnel all day, I see if any more strays are coming down the boardwalk or out of the tunnel. Nothing. So, I have Bernice take Buttercup for a jog. This is one of the new tops that comes with the Cats & Dogs pack. It’s so cute.digging for treasure.pngAfter that jog, I have Bernice collect on the lot next to the clinic.arvesting catnip.pngAnd Bernice found some napnip which is ready to harvest.gavin richards fishing.pngBernice sees someone fishing at the fishing spot and meets Gavin Richards from Oasis Springs. They chat briefly and she heads out to explore the beach.bernice called and buttercup came running.pngButtercup had stayed at the vet clinic lot, so Bernice used her whistle and you should have seen that little dog running towards her. Buttercup is super fast!buttercup chased those birds but did we get any feathers.pngBernice tells Buttercup to chase birds in hopes that there will be some feathers to collect. But even though there are feathers flying everywhere, there are none to collect. Shucks!ired buttercup.pngAfter all that excitement, Buttercup is exhausted. Poor little doggo falls asleep on the beach. Time to take some more Simstagram photos.buttercuo simstagram influencer

And look! Buttercup is now a Simstagram Influencer and Bernice reaches Photography skill level 2. More rewards. I check the household inventory and find a pet bed and a ball. Love those freebies!llecting lots of items.pngWhile Buttercup is dozing, Bernice quickly does some more collecting.madnip.pngShe harvests some madnip. Two of the catnip plants found on the first day! Yes!rosie drinking the pee puddle.pngBernice heads back to where Buttercup is and Buttercup had another tinkle. And there is Rosie lapping up the….umm….yellow water. Ugh! Buttercup is happy and is howling at the moon.such a big doodle for such a little dog.pngBernice asks Buttercup is she has to go potty before they head home, and Buttercup rewards Bernice with a small pet poop. Apparently the poop can be used as fertilizer in the garden, so Bernice scoops it up. Plus, any responsible pet owner should pick up after their pet. If your dog poops, you scoop!

That poop doesn’t look so small to me. I mean look at the size of Buttercup and the size of that poop!not sure buttercup is happy having stinky bernice hold her.pngBernice gives Buttercup a loving hug before they head home. Bernice is stinky (look at that green aura around  her), but Buttercup doesn’t mind.

At the end of the day, Bernice has achieved Level 1 Acquaintance of the Animals, of the Friend of the Animals Aspiration. til tomorrow sweet dreams.pngButtercup is on her way to becoming a simstagram celebrity. As soon as they arrived home, Buttercup went to her pet bed and fell asleep. Puppy paw dreams until tomorrow.

Author’s Note:

Here is the build that I made for this challenge, Caring Paw Vet Clinic, available for download in the gallery.

caring paw vet clinic.png



10 thoughts on “Ch 2 – Wk 1 Day 1 (Sun) Caring Paw Vet Clinic – Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge

  1. Aww, I’m usually not a big fan of dressing pets up but Buttercup looks adorable in her little dress and bow. hehe Bernice is gorgeous too and I LOVE that cat sweater, so cute! I don’t envy you deciding which strays to adopt, seems to be a lot of cute/handsome ones out there. Are you only looking to adopt another dog or are you considering cats too? Just curious.

    Love the look of your clinic, great job on building it. Even though I don’t personally have the EP, I watch some Let’s Plays and read other stories so I have a tip for you concerning the feathers. From what I’ve seen, I don’t know if dogs can get feathers, I think (not positive) you’d have better luck with a cat that has the hunter trait. It seems dogs are best at digging up presents. They also do better if they have the hunter trait.

    Great start for Bernice, can’t wait to

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thanks for reading my new chapter. I got the idea of dressing Buttercup up remembering Bruiser Woods in Legally Blonde and Chloe in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Buttercup was the first random dog that popped up and I thought, oh this is perfect. As part of the Cats Rule & Dogs Drool Vet Challenge, sims have to adopt a cat and a dog, so yes, Bernice is going to have both. Yes, hunter trait seems to be a good trait for the feather collecting and collecting in general. All the cats and dogs are soooo cute. Bernice hasn’t met any cats yet because she was stuck by the tunnel most of the day. lol

      Liked by 1 person

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